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Combine Poem and Describe into Essay (Essay Sample)


I have a 3 poems with me so just read and combine it and describe the 3 poems into one 4 page essay.

Poetry Analysis
Analyzing poems requires decrypting the hidden message, as well as looking at the stylistic devices that make up the message in the poem. Most of the poems have encrypted meaning and this necessitates the full attention of the reader. First is to look at the title of the poem. In most cases, the title summarizes the content of most of the literature documents. This can give a slight clue of the deeper meaning. Then read the poem more than two times while you paraphrase some of its content in your understanding. Every analyzer should make sure that he or she is open to interpretation as being tied to a single interpretation may make the reader avoid understanding its deeper meaning. Punctuations are also important to note while reading it aloud. Other features to note in a poem includes repetition, the context, the style and the speaker of the poem as poetry is a compact language that expresses complex feelings
"The Girl Who Loves the Sky" is a poem that touches the heart of every reader as it describes how the blind see things as compared to those who have eyesight. The poem creates a scene where the poet tells the girl how the sky tastes, how it feels and how far it is from the earth. On the other hand, the girl understands the sky by how it affects the world around her. The boy who feels he knows the sky and sees it is lying to himself, as he does not try to feel it, understand or even taste as the blind does. The girl has more knowledge of the sky as she listens to what others say and has her own understanding of the sky through her senses. The message of this poem is not about the sky, but how different people perceive life and experience it in different degree. People who do not have something may have a better understanding of what they do not have than those who have it.
The poem, "Muttering over the Crib of a Deaf Child" is one of the most impressive poems by James Wright in addition to being an example of his unique evident tradition in poetry. As it depicts the worries of two adults, who may be are the parents, on their deaf baby. He shows that being deaf does not mean being cursed or a loser but means that a child would experience the world around him in a different way than the healthy people do. The poet manages to outline this sad story in a unique way that is not depressive. The author has the right word choice and the imagery of the...
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