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The Fish by Elizabeth Bishop (Essay Sample)


This activity brings together what you have accomplished while analyzing poetry thus far, like identifying literary elements and illustrating a poetic theme when discussing those elements. For this activity, you must read and respond to Elizabeth Bishop’s poem “The Fish.” Begin by first completing the following steps: 1.READ the poem, first silently, then ALOUD: 2.LISTEN to a reading of the poem: Follow the below steps to complete your close reading and discussion of Elizabeth Bishop’s “The Fish.” 1.Review the in-depth analysis of the poem at the Bedford St. Martin’s site: 2.Read three (3) of the literary elements as applied to the poem (click the tab for Elements of Poetry). 3.Read two (2) of the literary analyses of the poem (click the Critical Approaches Tab). 4.Post your personal interpretation of the poem’s theme, and include the following:a.Identify at least two (2) literary elements in “The Fish” that contribute to the theme, and support your identification with a quote or two from the poem. b.Discuss one (1) critical approach you read that applies to “The Fish” in discussing its theme. c.Explain how the information you read and/or listened to contributes to your personal reaction, either supporting or challenging your personal interpretation of the poem. Remember to include a quote or two from the poem to support and illustrate your discussion.


‘The Fish’ by Elizabeth Bishop
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The Fish is a poem about a fisherman who recites about a fish he caught. The poem is written in the past since it comes from the fisherman after he caught the fish. This is why he uses words such as battered and homely and yet still vulnerable. In the poem, the fisherman narrates on how the fish had not fought at all; this is not significant until the end of the poem where the reader realizes that the tremendous fish had been defeated (Bishop, 2014). This is done well by use of three literary elements as discussed here (literarydevices, 2014...
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