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The Colonizers That Coetze Uses In Waiting For The Barbarians (Essay Sample)


the "list of 4 papers" attachment is the assignment needing to be complete. The "course outcomes" attachment is more instructions for you to understand.
A list of four papers with their titles, the course title and institution where you wrote the paper and year you wrote it; and a short summary (no more than 4 sentences) describing the paper to clarify the main idea and why it fulfills the course outcome(s). The critical theory used in the paper must also be identified along with author(s) and title(s) of the analyzed work(s).
One or more course outcome designators (Outcome 1, Outcome 2, etc.).
If you are not able to fulfill an outcome with one of your prior papers, include a statement of what you will need to do to complete a paper that will fulfill that outcome. This is rarely done, but if you feel that you do not have a paper to meet this requirement, write it here so your instructor can address this area with you.
Example. Note this an example only. You are welcome to use this template, but your own summary may vary from this example.
Outcomes 1, 2, 3, 5: "A Social Perspective of Coetzee's Barbarian Invasion," written for (identify the course title and institution where you wrote the paper and year you wrote it). This paper explores the various forms of "barbarians," from those colonized to the colonizers that Coetze uses in Waiting for the Barbarians. The paper applies postcolonial critical theory to the novel, revealing how his comments about "barbarians" extend beyond the literal into a reflection on sociocultural and ethical perspectives.
Outcome 5: Paper title, written for (identify the course title and institution where you wrote the paper and year you wrote it). Summary plus clarification of the three parts stating that you have the early draft, review, and a final version that has been edited based on the comments in the review.
Statement: I do or do not need to write an additional paper as I have found four papers that appear to fulfill the requirements of the course outcomes.


July 14, 2019
List of 4 Papers
Outcomes 1, 2, 3, 5: “Evolution of the English Language.” (ENGL 386, History of the English Language, University of Maryland University College. Spring 2016). This is a historical document that annotates the evolution of the English Language from the time of its first use to modern time in the current world. The paper utilizes the descriptive literary style in analyzing the context of the historical significance of the topic, contains the critical theory of arts and humanities illustrating the evolution of the language through the eras and argues that there is a fundamental in studying the development of English as a language. The document further persuades the readers to create a critical understanding of the word to appreciate not only it but also themselves.
Outcomes 1, 2, 3, 5: “Critical Analysis of The life of Olaudah Equiano or Gustavus Vassa the African.” (ENGL 363, African American Authors Colonial-1900, University of Maryland University College. Fall 2017). This text is from an autobiographical genre that uses description, plot and imagery in its clear explanation of the life of Olaudah Equiano, his birth, being sold into slavery, buying his freedom and finally settling in England before starting his fight against the evil of slavery. The article applies the Marxist Critical Theory to create a variance in class in an instance that mentions that Equiano, being from a lower social cla

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