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Charles Perrault’s Bluebeard and Del Toro's Crimson Peak (Essay Sample)


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This article needs to look at the 2015 film Crimson peak directed by Guillermo del Toro.
One of the most common, or at least most modern, methods of adaptation is to adapt a classic text into film. While you mist not know it, most movies you see in theatres are adaptations of nevels or other texts, including plays;original screenplays constitute the minority of screenplays in motion pictures. Disney, for instance, regularly adapts fairytales and folktales into cheerful, song-filled films for children.
However, many, if not most of these fairytales and folktales are not as clean-cut and child-friendly as Disney makes them out to be. For example, in an early version of "Cinderella,” called "Cat-Cinderella," Zezolla murders her stepmother by breaking her neck. In one version of "Beauty and the Beast," the Beast tragically dies. Fairytales and folktales often function as cautionary tales, operating in liminal spaces where the laws that govern a stable society do not apply: a dangerous place for humans to wander. As result, many fairytales and folktales include violent crimes and tragic ends.
While Disney has not adapted "Blue Beard," it does not mean that the story has disappeared from our modern consciousness. Guillermo del Torro's 2016 horror film Crimson Peak can easily be considered an adaptation- or perhaps and appropriation-of the Blue Beard tale-type.
Writing Work
For this assignment, you will put Perrault's "Blue Beard" in conversation with del Torro's Crimson Peak. Using Hutcheon to help shape and inform your thinking, you will choose a thread, concept, or theme from "Blue Beard" and construct and argument regarding the ways in which that particular element of the original tale is adapted in the film, and to what effect(s). It is important that your project do more than compare and contrast the tale with the film. Critical to you success in this assignment is that you engage in critical thinking and analysis in order to synthesize new ideas.
Successful projects will creatively and critically engage with the materials. Successful projects will be thought provoking and nuanced and gesture towards original thinking. Specifically, successful projects will cite specific examples form the original tale and the film adaptation and engage in analysis of these examples, putting them in conversation with each other in order to point to their larger ramifications. In addition, successful projects will engage the Hutcheon reading in a significant and critical way.
These are the instructions for this article.
It's easy to miss this article by using an article from Linda Hutcheon to combine what you've written. (I'll include this Hutcheon article in the attachment) and clarify a theme (theme) when analyzing the relationship between Blue Beard and Crimson Peak. For example, the two are about evil, or the analysis of the status of women. You can't write down a stream of money like you're going to write a movie about how you compare the content of Blue Beard with the content of Blue Beard.
I will attach the article of Hutcheon in the attachment (without looking at the drawing of the cross) and the PDF file of Blue Beard.
This article also need to Blue Beard this fairy tale has a more profound understanding of (including metaphor or background) if you don't know the Blue Beard this fairy tale http://www(dot)surlalunefairytales(dot)com/bluebeard/notes.html showed off some of the Blue Beard Helpful Annotations can be Helpful
Note the MLA format and remember to do citations when using the contents of Hutcheon.


Folktale to Film Outline- Charles Perrault’s Bluebeard and Del Toro's Crimson Peak
Folktales are among the most popular adaptation subjects for filmmakers, where the films retell these folktales in a different context to connect with the audience. Del Toro's Crimson Peak is an adaptation of the folktale Blue Beard by Charles Perrault, where the characters are adjusted to incorporate different elements as the film version is in a horror and gothic romance story. Blue beard forbade his wife from going into the chamber of death and he did all he could to conceal evidence of his activities. In film adaptation, the medium and mode of engagement, influence perception of the creation, as the adaptation is both a process a product (Hutcheon 143-144). The murderous husbands in Blue beard and Crimson Peak harbor evil intentions as they pretend to love women and kill them instead, but there are ghostly formations and a female villain in the film adaptation.
Bluebeard was a wealthy Frenchman, but he owned a Blue beard and the women found him ugly, but he is the evil character who murders women. The fairy is convincing as it reflects traditional folktales where the differences between the evil people and the heroine or heroes are clearly indicated. The folktales first describe the extent of Blue beard’s wealth, but he is the villain who is able to mask his evil intentions and deeds because of his wealth and building a secret chamber. Good and evil are absolute in fairy tale, and Blue beard is a notorious serial murderer, while the young bride is the heroine who faces the wrath of her husband for discovering his secret chamber room.
Blue beard made it clear that if his evil secrets were revealed he would punish his wife. “If you do not obey me in this one thing, you must expect the most dreadful punishments” (Perrault 2). It is no surprise that he got angry when he found out that the young bride had used the magical key to open the secret closet and he was left with one option, which is killing her for his secrets to remain undisclosed. The young bride was vulnerable as Blue beard had more money and power, which he could use to abuse her. The man’s power affords him a better social position in the society and he is the only one who uses murder to get what he wants.
Folktales portray the evil and good people, and the traits are mostly with the powerful mostly being the evil one, while in the story the young lady that Blue beard marries a naпve and innocent young woman. Blue beard married the daughter of a neighboring lady of rank, and she invited people over when her husband was away and they were only interested in seeking the riches and fine things (Perrault 3). Even though, the young bride may have agreed to get married to Blue beard because of his riches, she is still the heroine in the story. The young woman’s intentions do not represent evil like those of Blue beard and this is consistent with other fairy tales where assumptions about the characters mainly stay the same.
Blue beard victimizes the young woman by limiting her movement and what she can see while pretending to love. As such, she is unable to identify his evil secrets until she uses the key to the secret chamber. Her curiosity made her realize the dangers of living with Blue beard a she would likely face the same fate as the other women. Evil men hide their secrets, and this is no exception for the rich man who cleanly knew what he was doing was wicked. Bluebeard is not afraid to kill and makes this clear to his new bride after discovery of his wives’ dead bodies: “you shall be sure to take your place among the ladies you saw there” (Perrault 3).
Thomas Sharpe does not reveal his intention of courting and marrying Edith, while the p...

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