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biography: Dr. Jeffrey Wigand and his contribution (Essay Sample)

Write a 2 page biography of Dr. Jeffrey Wigand and his contribution, if any, to business ethics. Internet: Read about Dr. Wigand at Many of you will know him as the subject of the movie \"The Insider\" starring Russell Crowe and Al Pacino. Please use MLA format, along with quoting quotations in the paper, please watch grammer. source..
Biography of Jeffrey Wigand Name Course University Tutor Date Jeffrey Wigand was born in the city of New York, and he was the eldest of his five siblings. His family was catholic. They later moved to live near Poughkeepsie, where he went to college but left school in 1961, in order to join the Air Force that sent him to an air base in Misawa, Japan. While in Japan he was able to work in a hospital, learn the Japanese language and military arts. After going to Vietnam for a short while in 1963, he went back to the United States and acquired a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from the University of New York in Buffalo. In the same University he got a master’s degree and doctorate in biochemistry (Padwa & Jacob 74). He worked in the medical department for a number of firms like Pfizer and Union Carcide. He later worked as the senior vice president of Brown & Williamson in Louisville. It was a challenging job for him because he had earlier worked in health firms, didn’t smoke, and believed cigarettes were harmful to the body. The pay check was high; he claimed by taking the job he would produce safer cigarettes thus reducing the side effects of cigarettes. He was ...
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