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Values of Loyola Marymount University (Essay Sample)

I'm applying for Loyola Marymount University. They asked me pick up one of three values and write an essay about it as you will see in the attach file. Also they from the File I'll attach you, in the buttom there is a question I need to answer for as well. source..
Name of the Student:
Answer to question 1: The risks ahead of my college career and the "adventure" of discovering and becoming myself
The greatest challenge that every college individual my age is faced with, is to understand who we really are, and what our career paths are. Prior to maturing up and going to college where the comfort of our parents` enclosure isn`t present, we are forced to rely heavily on our parents` advice. They influence the way we talk, dress, our friends, and even our religion. We are viewed as children not in a capacity to tell apart right from wrong. The cocoon however is short lived.
Once I`m in college and working towards my career, reality dawns on me as pertains to the variety of individuals who surround me. My parents are no longer there to remind me to pray before I take my meals or to caution me on the friends I choose or on the clothes I wear. It is a risky time since puberty is creeping in and so are its desires, which dangle me into confusion. If I am not strong enough, this puzzle is going to take a toll on me and I might give up.
I embark on a journey to find my way out of the maze. My friends are of the opinion that drinking and smoking is not bad, they insist that every college student drinks. They are adamant that every college students dates, so there`s nothing wrong with dating. At the back of my mind, my parents words linger, smoking and drinking is a sin, engaging in premarital sex is a sin. I don`t want to loose my friends, I need to feel I belong to a group of people, but where is the right group that I can associate with?
They refer to this group as the old century group, one that does not know the trends of fashion, one that is not adventurous or curious to know what life has in store for them. This is simply because this group consist...
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