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Philosophy Is A Way Of Life As Hadot Puts (Essay Sample)


First, please read the " First paper instruction" all the requirements are included on this page. On the instruction, it tells you to write the outline page, but you don't have to write the outline. And there is a six-page reading to read, and the essay is going to be written based on the just have to write the paper approximately 1200 words, and please have a citation page in MLA form, you can just copy and paste the website. Please try to include these 3 philosophical key terms, Epistemology( theory of knowledge), Ontology( theory of being), and self-transformation.


Philosophy as a Way of Life
Philosophy as Hadot puts it is a way of life that entails aspect of epistemology, self-transformation, and ontology due to the living is a spiritual life. Thus, the idea of the life of a person involves the total transformation of your daily moral and spiritual exercise as well as intellectual well-being. Therefore, a person has to learn to live, learn to dialogue, learn to die and learn to read (Hadot 91). Confusion and misunderstanding of philosophy as a way of life comes in because people treat philosophy as a discipline, system, and discourse for gaining cleverness instead of self-mastery and control and systematic thought. Philosophy involves the power of passion, learning our lives, increasing self-knowledge and transcending death. I concur with Hadot's idea that philosophy is a way of life as it teaches a person to live a good life, embrace intellectual dialogue, learn to read and embrace death.
Control of passion makes a person lives a good life. However, many people fail to control their passions in life hence live miserable and sad. Such people usually misunderstand the aim of philosophy whereby they take it as a method that people learn how to live a good life (Hadot 91). Instead, learning to live involves comprehending the best ways to control passion. When a person can control his or her passion, then he stands an excellent chance to enjoy living. For instance, a reference to Stoics' argument reveals the existence of human unhappiness. Such revelation occurs due to attention that a person gives to passion or misfortune. People crave for self-satisfaction by getting many possessions that they are unable to get or can easily lose (Hadot 91). Besides, human being strives to avoid the consistent misfortunes that are usually inevitable. However, Hadot elaborates that philosophy gives human being the best way to live a life by embracing the moral good in society while accepting everything with indifference. Such sentiments are exact since a person is unable to control what happens to him or her but can develop the best attitude to cope with the situation. Therefore, a person succeeds in life by controlling passions and embrace misfortunes with equanimity and self-vigilance. In such circumstance, a person can successfully determine what depends and what does not depend on him by paying attention to the outside world (Hadot 91). The unhappiness of human being arises due to the burden of the past as well as too much hope for the future. However, philosophy teaches people to live their present moment and accept realities as they come. Secondly, philosophy enables a person to live his or her own life. In most cases, people learn how to write, read, and communicate to learn new information, gain knowledge but fail to apply such in

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