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Interview with a historian 2 (Essay Sample)

Interview with a person you do not know well, and you want to know something from this person, for example, psychology, history, music lovers Archaeologist, professor of history etc,,,, eveything you want to know, and then the contents of the interview, wrote an article, including the person's personal information through the story and his hard experice. source..
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Interview with a historian
David Brown is your average middle-aged man. He sits quietly in the library near the history shelf with a cup of coffee as he pours over n old tome. The coffee remains untouched as he reads, frozen in his world, like a mannequin. This is how I first saw him, reading without a care in the world. He is very shy and can barely look at you as he speaks. David keeps cracking his knuckles and shuffling his feet. It takes several meetings before he finally agrees to a proper conversation about his life and interests.
Born in the 70s’ with the hippie fashion at a close, David regrets missing out the excitement of the 60s. He hates ...
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