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Circumstances that Gave Rise to 'Mexican Hindu' Families (Essay Sample)

Answer the following topics by referencing and using examples from the two text \"People of Color in the American West\" by Chan, 1994 and \"A different Mirror\" by Takaki Ronald, 2009. Identify 3 key terms as you write your essay and put it in a quotation. Do not just describe an event, analyze it critically, and then write about it. Give specific details and examples for each question. Provide the names of the individuals and their contributions to any specific event. TOPIC: What circumstances gave rise to "Mexican Hindu" families? Why did Euro- Americans fear interracial marriages so much that various states passed anti miscegenation laws? Why are such families a phenomenon that may not last beyond two generations? Why is the conception of American race relations in black and white terms inadequate? Discuss the origins of Mexican and Japanese labor associations? Why is this collaborative significant? KEY TERMS THAT CAN BE USED: Punjabi, Housing act 1937, Landsmanshafts, 1921 Alien Act etc.. source..
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Date: 30/05/2012
Circumstances that Gave Rise to "Mexican Hindu" Families
Actually, a small community of “Mexican-Hindu was formed when immigrants from Punjabi married Hispanic women. This community emanated from the Imperial Valley after 1907. This was adjacent to the biggest irrigation system in the American hemisphere. The migration of Mexicans into America started in the 1910’s slightly after the revolution in Mexico as families migrated into America. These families had to pick cotton in plantations owned by men from Punjabi. These two cultures shared a rural life. In addition, they shared a reduced class when it came to status. The majority of men failed to retrieve the members of their families back from India. Hence, these men were compelled to look for new relationships in America. Many Hispanic women and female relatives got married to these business partners from Punjabi. As a result, they formed what can be called joint households. Thus, men friendship coupled with female kinship became the family, life structure (Chan 22).
Unfortunately, there existed some sought of prejudice which posed a danger to these marriages. Technically, interracial marriage had been banned in America within the same period. On the contrary, various clerks sometimes identified these marriages as “brown” on various certificates of marriage. This made these marriages legal. In addition, children from these marriages underwent prejudice. On the contrary, they received unique joint identity via the mixture of cultures from both sides. Surprisingly, the children claimed to harbor a Hindu descent. However, there were no restrictions for these kids to make a certain choice of religion or identity in their lives. All these factors made these two cultures to share themselves and create a tradition than continues up to date. Men from Punjabi were not allowed to own land legally.
Reasons that made Euro- Americans fear interracial...
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