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Dementia: Health and Wellness Essay (Essay Sample)

This essay is for a Health and Wellness class. It has be done on a disease, I chose dementia because I am having to deal with this with my mother now and could really use the help in getting this done so I can pay more attention to her and much other subjects. Thank You so much and feel free to contact me anytime and I will return your call as soon as possible. I am hoping this is something that can be e-mailed to me. Please let me know if there is anything that I need to be worrying about in order to get this done on my part. Thanks Again! source..
Health and Wellness
Course title:
Dementia and cognitive injury have become a phenomenon among the old generation. Medics and researchers have described Dementia as the main threat to the older generation. Apart from influencing the quality of life on the afflicted patients, the immediate family members are also not spared, partners or children may as well be reduced into caregivers since the victims can no longer care for themselves. Financial constrains can also be realized among the family. Although no cure by medics have been found on dementia and cognitive impairment, Research findings by have highlighted the importance of aerobic exercise on reducing the risk of dementia and brain aging (Ahlskog, 2011).
Dementia, which in Latin is used to mean “madness”, is depicted by cognitive impairment of the previously normal person beyond what can be perceived as the normal old age. This ailment occurs because of brain injury, which in turn results into cognitive impairment. Sadock et al, (2008) explains that Dementia is far much common in geriatric people, that is, those beyond 65 years of age, although it can also happen earlier than that (52). Sadock et al also continues to explain that Dementia consists of a set of symptoms and signs and not really some specific syndrome or disease. The cognitive areas that are mostly affected by this syndrome include language, attention, memory and solving problems. For one to be identified as having this disease, symptoms must show themselves for at least six months.
Causes of Dementia
Among the most common causes of dementia disease as identified by scholars are Alzheimer's disease, dementia with Lewy bodies, vascular ailment, front temporal disintegration syndromes, and other disorders. Sadly, there is no cure that has been found in the medical sense that could cure effectively this problem of dementia or age-related cognitive injury. A study by Ahlskog, Geda, and Graff-Radford & Petersen found out that bodily exercise can be employed in reducing the risk of dementia and brain aging among the older generation.
In most cases, Dementia occurs after degeneration of the cerebral cortex. The cerebral cortex is part of the brain, which has responsibilities for personality, actions, thoughts and memories. It is the inaction of the brain cells in this part of the brain, which results into cognitive impairment, a notable characteristics of Dementia. Some of the disorders that lead to dementia are the impairment of the neurological brain structures and the blood vessels. Some of the dementia signs such as brain tumors, normal pressure hydrocephalus are caused by metabolic infections. Excessive alcohol consumption is also another cause of dementia
Specific types of brain injury may result into irreversible cognitive injury. Traumatic impairment of t...
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