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Creative Writing Essay: The position of women in the society (Essay Sample)


It's final exam and write in your own words.I need total five paragraphs plz. Introduction,three body paragraphs and conclusion.The time limit is 1 hour and 30 minutes. Thank you!


In these texts, we can see the writers are addressing the position of women in the society. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg take a historical outlook of the issues and the developments through the years. As we can see, she starts with how the ratification of 19th Amendment opened the doors to equal rights and opportunities for both men and women. In the poem Sadie and Maud, Gwendolyn brooks show that rebelling against societal norms is not wrong. While the society expected women to stay at home, Gwendolyn compares between two sisters who chose different paths. Maud adhered to societal expectation and Sadie, who did not follow the expectations from society to dictate and determine her life. In these texts, we can see that Brooks and Ginsburg show us the importance of women rising up to take their position in society. When women can choose their own paths, they are able to come to positions of influence and happiness. The outcome of life depends on the choices we make.
Ginsburg uses an optimistic tone, showing how the developments through history have offered women unique opportunities to take positions of power. She starts by how the ratification of the 9th Amendment gave women the right to vote. It was an avenue that opened “opened doors to equal rights and opportunities in other respects.” While a generous interpretation of the text would have offered women more opportunities, those in power were restrictive and never wanted women to gain much freedom. The tone in Brooks poem takes a critical perspective, probing the readers to think about the choices of these two sisters. It shows how an individual’s choice can produce particular outcome. When Maud went to college, she was adhering to societal expectation that this would lead to happiness. On the other hand, Sadie stayed home and was considered to

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