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Eighth assignment. Communications and Media Essay. (Essay Sample)


Read: Walter D. Mignolo, Introduction, The Darker Side of Western Modernity, pp. 1-24.
(1) What is Modernity? Summarize … you can look up in another source if you like... (50-100 words)
(2) How does Mignolo describe the relationship between Modernity and Coloniality? (150-200 words)
(3) What does he mean when he states that “Coloniality wrapped up Nature…”? (100-200 words)


Professor’s name:
Eighth Assignment
According to Professor Walter D. Mignolo, modernity is a concept of the West that is perpetuated by its European developers who impose it on the rest of the world as a reflection or rather the accepted definition of civilization. The European or Western powers advocate for the adoption of the concept as the acceptable way of life with those who fail to emulate its principles and guidelines across the social, political, and economic dimensions deemed to be backward or uncivilized. 

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