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Pedercini Assignment Communications & Media Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


Please submit a written OPINION RESPONSE to Paolo Pedercini's video lecture, "Videogames and the Spirit of Capitalism". View the video: https://vimeo(dot)com/86738382 or there is a pdf version.
First, give a sense of the talk's key messages. Then, reflect on these ideas.
Within the context of Pedercini's talk, RATIONALIZATION means replacing human behavior and motivation with quantification and calculation.
RATIONALIZATION creates efficiency, but can also lead to EXPLOITATION of worker and ALIENATION in the modern world.
Pedercini says: “Computer games are the aesthetic form of rationalization.”
Questions: Do you think games impose a rationalizing standpoint on the player, even if one is “playing”? Does Pedercini offer any ray of hope, i.e. any possibility of “hacking a counting machine into an expressive machine?” Give your opinion of what he is suggesting, referring to his text to support your position. Of course, you may agree or disagree, it's your choice.
Please use paragraph format, and spell-check—no bullet points. Responses will be assessed based upon the quality and specificity of your summary as well as attention to key ideas from the reading.
Length: 300 word


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Pedercini Assignment
Due to emerging technology, digital games are widespread globally. These games are played using electronic devices, either online or offline (Paolo,2). People play these games either individually or in small groups. According to various studies, these games play a significant role in rationalization. Rationalization means the replacement of human behavior and motivation with quantification and calculation (Paolo, 3). Many scholars believe that games play a great role in social rationalization. Digital games create their form of social rationality by imposing different types of coherent practices on players. Games impose rationalization to players even when they are playing (Paolo, 3). This because games enable players to move from their general playing moods to specialized moo

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