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Quality Policy of Sheraton Hotel (Essay Sample)

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Quality Policy of Sheraton Hotel
Australia is famous for having the best resorts and hotels around the world. Among the most recognized and highly rated hotel in this region is the Sheraton Hotel. Sheraton hotel which operates in nearly all nations in the world, in Australia has the best suites and delicacies both on local and international genre. Through this Sheraton has achieved the excellence of the best accommodation provision of the highest quality. Visitors have articulated that the experience enjoyed while being hosted at Sheraton is heavenly. This hotel offers revelers with modern facilities which suit the young and the old to capacitate their pleasures while onboard. They have excellent and serene environment for hosting weddings, information centers, Gyms, internet café, Spas, conferences for organizations and religious meetings.
The integral main aim of quality policy of Sheraton hotel is gravitated toward application and assimilating in all process and activities of this hotel highest quality management policy. The establishment of the Sheraton hotels enroots from the principles of receive, plan, act and test in all their implementation, plans and projects being initiated and future initiatives. This hotel is dedicated and committed to implementing these principles in all their endeavors and having strict adherence continuously governed by improving quality of the services offered.
The entire staffs of Sheraton hotel are also ingested in the quality policy; they are required to have the highest quality skills and edification. This has been required so that they meet the required fulfillment of the competitive labor market. The staffs are offered training programs every six month to sharpen their skill and efficiency to provision of quality services and afford to offer the best customer satisfactory services. Sheraton keeps tags on the progress of the training programs to empower the task force. Sheraton also offers the occupant with a global variety experience of deluxe amenities. In Australia and other nation host of this hotel the selection of the location is usually a major proponent and is considered the best strategic located hotels in the world with the best hospitality.
Another major implementation which Sheraton has seriously invested on is high security for their guest. Sheraton is rated as the most secure hotel in the world dabbed with modernized security screening gadgets of the modern state. The safety precaution also taken is beyond measures as the guest safety and security are among the priority which makes the stay at Sheraton a memorable one.
The needs of the stakeholders
Residence (main stakeholders, guests): Quality and satisfaction services
Taskforce: competitive remuneration
Competitors: good commission rates
Travel agents: pricing of services and goods
Government: adhering to regulations and pol...
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