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Thinking System and Its Influence to Sustainability Challenges (Essay Sample)


Write an article based on the structure I provided. The specific meaning of the tourism trap can be found at http://time(dot)com/5349533/europe-against-tourists/
ONLY use the LTU Harvard Referencing style. ONLY Microsoft Office document types are accepted. ONLY Font size Times New Roman 12. Please make sure you use paragraphs throughout the report.
Reference List and sources: Students are required to reference at least 3 types of resources in the essay:
Minimum of 6 journal articles (students are required to use scholarly and peer-reviewed articles) and textbooks.
Newspaper/Magazine articles
Company/NGO Websites
I will upload a few points of knowledge in the article as photos.
Since there are still a few hours to reach the deadline, I hope that you can do it as best as you can, thank you!


Thinking System and Its Influence to Sustainability Challenges
Thinking System and Its Influence to Sustainability Challenges
System is a set of parts interrelated with each other to function with achieving a common goal making the thinking system useful in the development of the solutions of sustainability challenges in the society. Thinking system the a techniques of seeing, interacting and communicating about the reality assisting humanity to better understand and operate the systems to influence the quality of their live in the society. Thinking system is a vital issue in the current society because of the developing complex systems in various perspectives in the society increasing the level of interconnection, and globalization of the social system within a sophisticated perspective. Thinking system is an important approach in dealing with sustainability challenges within the society and I agree with its incorporation in various developments. Thinking system differs with the traditional thinking since it focuses on the interrelationships between the different components used in both the systems. The purpose of this essay is to substantiate on the importance of thinking system to sustainable challenges.
Background of the issue
In this case, I agree and support the importance of the thinking system in dealing with various wicked problems in the society. The system concentrates on the individual parts to produce for the specific problems. The thinking system applicability is vital in handling chronic diseases such as Tourist trap, obesity and education enhancements in the society. Obesity is an international problem increasing at alarming rate among the children in developed countries such as America and the developing countries (Richards, 2001). Tourist trap and obesity is a challenge in the society affecting America and other European countries and is considered a serious problem, as there is no specific problem to the situations. Though the thinking system is vital in the sustainability of various challenges in the society, some researchers suggest that the method is time consuming and difficult to understand for the solution of the problems in the society. Thinking system is important for advancement of innovations in the society since it enhance the understanding of various challenging tasks. It influences the interaction and the coordination among the people and systems in the society while integrating vital innovations for mature principles and great ideas. It enhances the rapid learning leading to understanding of big picture for solution of challenging wicked problems in the society. It also provides and brings rapid impact in the solution of the real problems by giving the real values to avoid the creation of more problems or the unintended consequences. Thinking system provides rapid adaptation, identification patterns of understanding the nature, and why various problems appear the way, they are in the society. The rapid innovation and bloat elimination process through system thinking assist in best solutions in building new things eliminating unnecessary complexity of various challenges within the society. Even various prominent organizations in the society incorporate thinking system in their problem solving strategies to make then succeed in their strategic goals in business. Thinking system provides effective methods in information technology applications in various industries to enhance their performance and customer base level.
Why thinking system an issue in sustainability
Thinking system approach is important in dealing with sustainability changes in the society because it views various problems from a macroscopic perspective than having a shorter view. In the cu...

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