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Week 3 Discussion Sustainable Paper: What is Boundary? (Essay Sample)


Please observe and study something in the built or natural environment nearby you. Please choose something you can easily perceive – not microscopic like a cell or macroscopic like an entire city. It could be a building, street, or pond. It could be relatively small, like a piece of furniture, or relatively large, like your neighborhood. It could combine natural and constructed parts, like a garden or park. Please pay close attention to the border or boundary of what you’ve chosen. How does the border create distinctions? What kinds of exchange cross the border – of materials, energy, information, and so on?


What is Boundary?
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What is Boundary?
In every aspect, there are boundaries set to limit extension or application and utilization of resources created for a certain purpose. The boundaries is what distinguish the application of any resource considering that they might be utilized differently. For instance, a people’s park is made for specific purposes of the communities living in the neighborhood region. For instance, it can be for recreational activities within the region. The boundaries are what distinct the activities which can be done within the park and the activities which can be done outside the park.[(Berg, E. a. (2009). "Forms of Normalisation in the Quest for De Facto Statehood”. The International Spectator, 44(4), 27-45.)]
The restrictions created for the region serves as the border between the park and the neighboring areas. The activities done within the identified...
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