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Tibetan Buddhism. 311 paper proposal. Religion & Theology Essay (Essay Sample)


Chose 1 topic of the 3 below.
Topic 1: Summarize the historical development of Tibetan Buddhism from the 17th century on/Ganden Podrang government onward, including the “Rime movement,” and the globalization of Tibetan Buddhism after the 1950ies. Then discuss one specific aspect of Tibetan Buddhism that interests you by considering this historical background (for example, gender/transgender/women, religious practitioners, Sanghas, Tulku system…).
Topic 2: Summarize the historical development of Buddhism in Tibet from the 7th century onward along with the formation of the four main Tibetan Buddhist traditions during the first and second dissemination of Buddhism in Tibet (until roughly the 15th century). Then discuss one of the four Tibetan Buddhist traditions (Nyingma, Sakya, Kagyü, or Geluk) focusing on one important teaching/transmission in this respective school in depth.
Topic 3: Explain the “Three Codes of Conduct” in Tibetan Buddhism (as part of the triad of meditation, view, and conduct/ethics).
Then, discuss a topic related to current challenges in this world.
1. Tibetan Buddhist conduct and the COVID-19 pandemic, or
2. Tibetan Buddhist conduct and social activism, for example, environmentalism, pacifism...
IMPORTANT: the paper has to have some connection with the class reading, and please create a sense of you "took part" in the class. Let me know as soon as possible which topic you prefer and I will send the class materials to you accordingly. so that you don't need to read all of them.
THIS IS JUST A PROPOSAL, no need to write 3 pages, just 1-2 is fine. I just thought it is fairer for you, consider the amount of work.
Use three more academic sources besides class readings, and include a bibliography or reference list at the end of the paper.


Tibetan Buddhism
The emergence of COVID-19 has revitalized the world order in multiple ways. For instance, cultures have been forced to reorganize their activities to match the new demands of social distancing, wearing face masks, and maintaining proper hand hygiene. That is particularly difficult for cultures that prosper on collectivism and interdependence celebrations. Tibetan Buddhism is one of such cultures. Buddhism in Tibet is one of the most notable historical phenomena the world has ever witnessed. The dissemination of Buddhism in Tibet was an active prospect in the period between the 6th and the 9th centuries. The developments in different leadership regimes, such as the Mongol Yuan dynasty, eventually propelled Buddhism beyond Tibet’s borders into China. These political changes steered a feeling of unity among Tibetan Buddhists. They resorted to religion to approach their challenges collectively. Tibetan Buddhism still features cultural practices linked to their historical development, something that could bear impacts on their perception and adaptation to the prevalent world order.
Tibetans have endured maintaining their culture amidst changing political and cultural environments. Tibetan rituals are something worth admiring. After the 1950s, Tibetan Buddhists were aspersed throughout the world with notable influences even in western cultures. 

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