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Comparison between Venus of Urbino and Olympia. History Essay (Essay Sample)


6 pages, double space and one inch margins, NOT including images or bibliography. Use the Chicago Manual of style for bibliography. The bibliography no less than 3 and it have to have footnotes.
Follow the file.


Final Paper- Due 11:59 pm

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For this 5-6 page paper, you will compare and contrast artworks/objects that are from different cultures and/or time periods. You will discuss the form, function and symbolism of the pieces, while considering and explaining their cultural contexts.


Choose one of the following topics:




Left: Napoleon Crossing the Alps, David; Right: Portrait of Louis XIV, Rigaud


How does the artist convey a sense of authority and/or status in their representation of the “sitters?” What is similar and different between the two? What are some possible reasons for these similarities and/or differences?


Left: Last Judgment, Peter Paul Reubens; Right: Last Judgment, Joos van Cleve



Look at two different images of the Last Judgment scene. What is similar or different about the two representations? Think about the different effects that the two representations have on how the viewer. What are some possible reasons for these differences?










Top: Venus of Urbino, Titian

Bottom: Olympia, Manet


Examine the treatment of the two female nudes shown here. Are both these nudes depicted in similar ways? Do they present the viewer with the same attitude? Why or why not? Think about historical context as well as formal characteristics (line, color, use of space, perspective, etc.) in your discussion.


Your discussion of any of the above topics will require research. Be sure to cite your sources properly and provide a bibliography (using Chicago Manual of Style). You must use at least three academic sources (Wikipedia, KhanAcademy, and popular periodicals, such as The New Yorker, are unfortunately not academic sources). Preferably, your research should be from a book, or a scholarly journal, though .edu and .org websites are also appropriate.


Plagiarism and academic dishonesty will not be tolerated for this assignment.  You must properly cite your academic sources through the use of footnotes. For instance, if you paraphrase or quote a source you must provide a footnote.  If you have any questions as to what constitutes plagiarism, you should contact me and/or review the syllabus that outlines the code of academic honesty.


At the end of your paper, you must include a bibliography that follows the Chicago Manual of Style. You can find examples of what the Chicago Manual of Style looks like online (http://www(dot)chicagomanualofstyle(dot)org/home.html). Please note that there is a formatting difference between citing a source in a footnote versus citing a source in a bibliography


Grammar and spelling will be taken into account for this assignment, so please be sure to read over and edit what you have written carefully. Avoid using colloquialisms or informal writing styles (such as internet slang and the use of the second person “you” and the first person “I, my, myself”), as this is a formal academic paper and not a journal entry. I recommend having someone, such as a fellow classmate or writing tutor, to also read your paper. Sometimes having a fresh pair of eyes helps!


If you would like to include accompanying images, your figures should be at the end of your paper. Each image should be labeled and numbered. Within the text of your paper, references to images are enclosed in parentheses and placed at the end of the sentence. For instance:


“As one can see in the detail of the pot, the artist has included small hatch marks around the handles (See Fig. 1).”


Late papers will not be accepted. If you foresee an issue that would cause you to not be able to turn in your paper by December 10, 2019 you must let me know well in advance of the deadline. Poor planning does not necessitate an extension. 


In summary, this is what I want:

1)     Approx. 5-6 pages (double spaced, one inch margins, NOT including images or bibliography)

2)     Proper “Chicago Manual of Style” footnoting.

3)     A page with your bibliography, also in the Chicago format.

4)     That you consult at least three academic sources.


What you’ll be graded on:

1) How effectively you describe the work of art

2) How effectively you support your thesis statement

3) How well you organize the thoughts in your paper

4) Spelling

5) Grammar

6) Punctuation

7) Proper use of citations and proper formatting of bibliography

8) How closely you follow the instructions for this paper.




Comparison between Venus of Urbino and Olympia
Comparison between Venus of Urbino and Olympia
After conducting a closer observation between Venus of Urbino and Olympia pieces of art created by Titan and Eduardo Manet, respectively, it is evident that the two paintings had several similarities. Maybe this is because the Venus of Urbino that was created a couple of centuries earlier influenced Eduardo Manet’s painting. However, as much as the two pieces of art share a couple of similarities, especially on the subjects, they also contain several differences. Most of the differences in these artworks can be seen on the depiction they represent to the audience. This paper shall, therefore, highlight some of the similarities and differences between the two paintings ranging. The comparison of the two pieces of artwork will range from depictions to historical context and finally to their formal characteristics.
Brief Description of the Paintings

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