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Finding Files. Where is the Search box located? (Essay Sample)


Please see attachment + Okay for this assignment there is no additional file needed! For instructions 3 and 4! The writer can just search a file on his/her computer and explain how is was located. This can be done by following other instructions. It could be any file no attachment needed!


Finding Files
Question 2
Where is the Search box located?
In windows, the Search box is always located at the top right side of the open folder window.
Do you need to type the entire file name to find a specific file?
When finding a file, one does not necessarily need to type the whole file name in the search box to locate it. As one types the file name, the computer automatically updates the displayed list of the displayed files. Thus, one does not need to type the entire name if the file being searched appears under the displayed files. However, if the specific file being looked for does appear when the file name is not fully typed, one may be required to wholly type the entire file name.
How do you create a filter?
To create filters, click on Advanced Search. This function allows one to specify such file properties as the date the file was created, size, name, tags, authors, and location, thereby facilitating a more focused search.
Question 3 & 4
Searching for a pdf file named 8-1 on my computer; how it was located.
To locate 8-1 pdf file, I first clicked on the windows Start button at the bottom-left corner and then typed 8-1 on the Start Search box at the bottom of the Start Menu. Due to the many number of files with “8-1” stored in my computer the pdf file I was looking for did not appear on the displayed list of files. Consequently, I clicked on Documents under the Start Menu and then typed 8-1 in the Search box on the folder but I was faced by th...
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