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Research Technology: Changing And Improving Based On Research (Essay Sample)


There are many ways to find information. Technology has open the door such that one can read another dissertation from across the globe. There are expert who disagree with each other and yet have evidence to back up their arguments. How can a clinical practitioner distinguish between good research and bad research?


Up-To-Date Information in Healthcare
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Up-To-Date Information in Healthcare
Healthcare is a field that is consistently changing and improving based on research. Because of this, it becomes essential to ensure that clinicians and facilities utilize and employ recommendations from credible research and sources (Bradford & Cullen, 2013). In this sense, distinguishing between good and bad research is quintessential to facilitating the implementation of sound research in healthcare to the benefit of the patient.
One of the main ways in which good and bad research can be distinguished is through a thorough examination of the causal claim in the research. Good research is able to articulately demonstrate causation and not just similarities or relations between the phenomena being examined (Evans, Thornton, Chalmers, & Glasziou, 2011). In this sense, healthcare professionals must scrutinize and examine research for clear demonstration of causation as a mark of good research. In the event that the research only demonstr

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