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Knowledge Management Foundations of IT Systems-Case (Essay Sample)


Module 1 - Background

Knowledge Management Foundations of IT Systems

Required Reading

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Optional Reading

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Knowledge Management Foundations of IT Systems-Case
20th July 2015.
In the early years, especially around the mid to late twentieth century, information technology was the most effective way of running operations within an organization. It was the absolute, ideal channel, through which things could be done. However, this was short-lived as organizations soon came to realize the importance of knowledge management. It began as an option from a consultants' point of view, into one of the cornerstones of organizational or corporate management. Knowledge management is the acquisition, distribution and utilization of information within an organization. It is the various ways through which an organization gathers and shares valuable information among its staff, for the betterment of the workplace and the corporate in general. In implementing knowledge management, each company has its own strategy. This paper is going to look at the effects of Titan's knowledge management initiatives and how the information technology effects are related to each other.
Titan is a company based in India, which specializes in watches, jewellery and eyewear. It also launched its own knowledge management initiative .The company's knowledge management initiative is based upon the availability and distribution of information, the importance of collaboration, and the effectiveness of communication. The company has ensured that it efficiently and effortlessly merges these initiatives within its various departments, slowly but perfectly. It has launched a knowledge management portal through which various sections and departments of the company can easily share resources and information within a short time. Titan, in its knowledge management implementation, is focused on three channels; the portal, Cop and magazines. Essentially, it focuses a lot of the use of technology as its vehicle for the implementation of knowledge management (Rao, 2010).
The effects of Titan's knowledge management initiatives on various parts of its business are numerous. To start with, the company is reaping the benefits of knowledge management through its manufacturing wing. This is arguably one of its most important branches, if not the most important. Knowledge management has ensured that there is a smooth flow of information through the portal, where the manufacturing experts can send information, perform product analysis and review before the final manufacturing process is done (Bogorad, 2010).
Another effect of knowledge management at Titan is that it has resulted to the strategic allocation or assignment of knowledge assets and processes to respective branches and departments. This has been made possible by the employment of a given formula in its framework. The formula is made up of; people, performance, products,...
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