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Digital Media and Web Technology Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


1. With respect to copyright issues for digital media and the Web, in what ways are entertainment companies the victims? In what ways are entertainment companies the villains?
2. Debate whether software should be copyrightable or should be freely available for copying. When answering put yourself in the shoes of the person that wrote the song, book, idea, etc.


Digital Media and Web
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Question One
The growth of the internet and rapid digital technologies that continue to characterize the 21st century have significantly contributed to copyright infringement and violations. These new technologies have facilitated the copying of large files. They have also contributed to the modification of graphics, video and audio files to make derivative works. Entertainment companies including institutions such as Disney Junior produce films and movies and in so doing are both victims and villains of copyright infringement. These movies produced by entertainment companies are pirated and distributed globally. With social media and cable channels, it has become very easy to unlawfully release and distribute movies and films.

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