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Welfare of Those Served by Counselors (Essay Sample)

Standard A.1.a. Client Welfare from the ACA Code of Ethics (Herlihy & Corey, 2014): The primary responsibility of counselors is to respect the dignity and to promote the welfare of clients. Case example: Mary, age 78, has suffered a stroke that has left her with halting speech that can be difficult to understand. Although she moves slowly, she has regained much of her mobility, and she seeks counseling at a community agency for help in deciding whether to sell her home and move into an assisted-living facility. Alex, the counselor, listens patiently and checks to ensure that he understands Mary accurately. He learns that Mary prizes her independence, which she has gained over 20 years as a widow, takes great joy in her flower garden, and looks forward to having her neighbors stop by to visit. Alex helps Mary clarify that she wants to remain in her home. Together they explore options that would further this goal, such as having a hot meal delivered daily by a local organization, hiring a gardener to help her, and arranging for a speech therapist to make home visits (p. 38). -Herlihy & Corey – Part II: ACA Code of Ethics With Illustrative Vignettes -Principles for (AMHCA) American Mental Health Counselors Associations Please respond to the following: State and discuss the steps you take to ensure that the welfare of your client is the guiding principle for your practice as a counselor. source..
Welfare of Those Served By Counselors Name Institution Date Welfare of Those Served By Counselors Counselors are guided by the principle of the practice. According to the American Counseling Association code of ethics, the counselor is obliged to respect the client's dignity and promote the general welfare of all clients. Autonomy is one of the main principles a counselor needs to adhere to at all times; this principle emphasizes on counselor allowing an individual the freedom of choice and action. It is the responsibility of a counselor to encourage clients where appropriate to make their decision based on their values (Illinois Institute of Technology, 2011). In reference to the case study, counselor, in this case, needs to understand and acknowledge that Mary loves her independence, which she has enjoyed for over 20 years being a widow. Mary values her flower garden and enjoys her neighbor's company. In the best interest of ...
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