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Marcties Pendergrass Topic 5 DQ 1, Vernelsia Lewis 5-1 (Essay Sample)


there are 6 comments that need to be answered 4 on 5-1 post and 2 on 5-2 post 5-1 is Marcties, Verneisia, Emily and Elena then 5-2 is Angela and Helena try to at least do 45 words for each one please. need in 4 days. in text citation on each one


5-1 and 5-2 posts
Marcties Pendergrass Topic 5 DQ 1
A sense of identity brings the Naïve American people together, but modern life and being uprooted from their original homeland has affected their way of life. Even as some things have been adopted by the tribes, there has also been culture appropriation by the dominant European-American culture. Their traditional footwear is made from animal hides and skins. There is a high regard for the spirits and shamans and protection of the earth as a way of giving back to the society (Tribal Directory. Com). Native Americans mainly maintain their cultural heritage through art, language, way of life and tradition wear (Tribal Directory. Com).
Tribal Directory. Com . Native American Culture. Retrieved from
Vernelsia Lewis  5-1
The spiritual culture of the Native Americans emphasizes the place of nature, including the sun, moon and earth, with animals and plants also being objects of worships or cultural symbols of life (Nagle, Killcoyne, & Russo, 2015). Besides being animists, the rituals and worship ceremonies also take into account the role of Spirits and the Holy people. The headgears and use of eagle feathers during ceremonies is common among the Native Americans.
Nagle, J., In Killcoyne, H. L., & Russo, N. (2015). Native American Spirit Beings. New York : Britannica Educational Publishing.
The Native American people are not a monolithic people, but they share similarities, with their belief in the spirit world and the cultures intertwined with the nature. The reservations even as cultural and spiritual centers, with the older members playing a crucial role in preserving culture (, 2014). Since the arrival of Europea...
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