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Vegetarian and Caloric Restriction Diets (Essay Sample)


Fourteen year old Donna has just decided that eating meat is “gross” and that she will be a vegetarian. What difficulties are there with such a diet; that is, what nutrients may be lacking? How may they be obtained?
Studies with animals have shown that caloric restriction may prolong life by protecting the brain from some effects of aging. The animals’ diet was about half the usual calories they would consume. For people, 1250 to 1500 calories per day would be restrictive (compared to the 2000 calories or more that many of us in North America consume). Would it be worth it for a life span of 110 years? Describe the problems with such a diet.


Vegetarian and Caloric Restriction Diets
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Vegetarian and Caloric Restriction Diets
Maintaining a healthy diet is mandatory. However, there are diverse views as to what exactly people term as healthy and right. Case in point, a vegetarian meal for children or a caloric restriction diet are always topics of discussion. As such, this paper will expound on these issues and illuminate the effects of a caloric restrictive diet.
Children and vegetarian diets do not go hand in hand as developing children require as many nutrients as possible for proper growth and development. As such, it is not advisable to encourage vegetarian diets in children due to the various important nutrients they lack. First, there is the lack of proteins, which comprise of amino acids. A few vegetables such as wheat and beans contain these nutrients but in small quantities. It is advisable to consume soy protein that is a good protein alternative to vegetarians to increase protein supply in the body. A vegetarian diet also lacks iron. To increase iron in the body, a person should consume more plants with iron and avoid inhibitors, for instance, tea and coffee (Anton-Paduraru et al., 2014). Zinc and calcium also lack in a vegetarian diet, and the best way to obtain them would be through the intake of soybeans and sunflower seeds.
Another form of diet is the caloric restriction. A healthy dose of calories is about 1250-1500 per day. Caloric restriction can prolong life since it reduces the harmful antibodies that attack the brain and diminishes the damage of certain brain cells. It also slows down aging, extends the human lifespan, and lowers blood pressure. However, caloric restriction causes tissue loss, reduced stamina, strength, and energy reserves. It can also reduce the size of body organs and even one’s attractiveness (Barzilai & Gabri...
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