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schizophrenia (Essay Sample)

out of movie ( choose one ) include the movie name. The written product of each assignment will be three pages long (typed, double-spaced, one inch margins, 12 pt font and not including cover page or references). The first page is to be completed in the multiaxial diagnosis format provided below. The remaining two pages are to be a discussion of how you determined the diagnoses. It is often helpful to organize the latter two pages by axis (see below). This discussion is to include the signs/symptoms of each diagnosis you assign, and other possible differential diagnoses. Differential diagnosis refers to all of the diagnostic categories that you seriously considered during the diagnostic process. Because the symptoms present in the case study suggest the possibility of several disorders, a thorough discussion of disorders that you excluded is warranted. In other words, you should discuss why you assigned the diagnoses that you did and why you ruled out others. In addition to this page, as well as your text and notes, the DSM IV is available from the reference section of the library. The DSM IV, particularly pages 25-35, provides a detailed description of the multiaxial diagnosis format shown below. (This material will also be reviewed in class in Chapter 2.) Multiaxial Diagnosis Format Axis I: Clinical Disorders Other Disorders That May Be a Focus of Clinical Attention Axis II: Personality Disorders Mental Retardation Axis III: General Medical Conditions Axis IV: Psychosocial and Environmental Problems Axis V: Global Assessment of Functioning Use the above format for the first page of your paper. Use pages 25 - 35 of the DSM IV and text/lecture material to complete each axis correctly. You may want to use other sections of the DSM IV. (You do NOT need to include diagnostic code numbers.) You will not need to use additional resources or references other than those just listed. A few pointers are also included on the following page: References: American Psychiatric Association. (2000). Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders (4th ed., text revision). Washington, DC: Author. source..
Character: John Nash Movie: A Beautiful Mind DSM IV MULTIAXIAL EVALUATION Axis I: Clinical Disorders Other Conditions That May Be a Focus of Clinical Attention 295.30Schizophrenia, Paranoid Type, Episodic With Interepisode Residual Symptoms. Axis II: Personality Disorders Mental Retardation V71.09 No diagnosis Axis III: General Medical Conditions None Axis IV: Psychosocial and Environmental Problems None Axis V: Global Assessment of Functioning Scale Score = 28 Time Frame: On admission An Analysis of John Nash`s Paranoid Schizophrenia This paper analyzes the mental condition of the character John Nash, as depicted by Russell Crowe in the movie, ‘A Beautiful Mind`. The analysis is restricted to the time period from which Nash experiences his first hallucination, until after he was able to receive proper treatment for his condition. Nash had been experiencing vivid hallucinations, the first of which appeared as he started out as a student in Princeton University. He was under the impression that he had a roommate named Charles, and eventually the two became good friends. Charles appeared again to Nash once he went back to Princeton from Massachusetts, except this time he was accompanied by his niece, Marcee. These visions were soon followed by the appearance of William Parcher, who Nash believed worked for the CIA and had asked Nash to provide his services in cracking codes from the Soviet Union. As a result, he started to devote a lot of his time to deciphering these Soviet codes that he found hidden in newspapers and magazines. He would then send the decrypted messages via mail in a particular mailbox, supposedly to the Pentagon. Shortly afterwards, he also believed that he had been chased by Russians who were trying to kill him. The description of Nash`s experiences provided above illustrate wh...
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