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Three Students Comments: Screening Tools (Essay Sample)


Comments on three students post the students are David, Elizabeth and Jackie all must in text citation, reference page , no materials pass five years, comments must be substantially, about 85 words at least for each comments. If you must make one a little longer then ok. Please use details ok. I am sending the question and the three students post. You can use the students references that they use or I will try and find what I used. All you need is chapter 6 I could separate the chapters because it is a PDF.


Three Students Comments
Question: 2-1: David
It is true that screening and assessment materials are different. Screening tools are used to identify the potential need for further evaluation. Screening is brief and narrow which includes self-examination by the therapist, open questions as a way of determining whether there is the need for further evaluation for a particular problem. Self-evaluation questions generate yes or no response (APA, 2014). Assessment process is an in-depth evaluation to understand the nature of the problem as it gathers several essential aspects of client's life. These include psychological tests, clinical interviews, behavior observation, clinical records and any other process that involves collateral information from other (APA, 2014).
I agree that screening and assessment can cause confusion; many people tend to think that both are tools to determine the client's treatment needs, but this is not the case. Screening is a careful examination to determine the need for assessment (American Psychological Association, 2014). Assessment includes gathering detailed information about client's background, childhood experience, emotional and psychical features (American Psychological Association, 2014). Screening tools are not detailed they require a yes or no response. Assessment tools are detailed

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