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Liberal Democracy: Political, Social, And Economic Cores (Essay Sample)


Talk about the meaning of liberal democracy and focus on the political core economic core, and social core of it. Use the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution as examples and how liberal democracy played a key role in those documents
STUDENTS MAY NOT USE ANY GENERAL INTERNET SITES AS RESOURCES FOR THE PAPER (Wikipedia, etc.) Instead, students should rely on primary sources—the actors' own writings, speeches, letters, memoirs, etc.—and secondary sources including academic journal articles and books.


Liberal Democracy

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Liberal Democracy

Democracy is a human kind social system that is changed by rulers and experts to become a contemporary system. Democracy is believed to be a comprehensive political and government system that provides defense against manipulation of an individual’s right and freedom. It is based on the principles of equality and liberty. The paper discusses the concept of liberal democracy, it focuses on political, social, and economic cores. The role of liberal democracy in relation to the constitution and Declaration of Independence.

Liberal democracy commonly recognized as representative democracy has the central system of democracy in many of the Western countries. Being a self-governing system of a regime, liberal democracy identifies and guard individual rights and freedom. Liberal democracies allow an adult citizen to vote irrespective of gender, ethnicity or possession. A liberal democracy involves different legal societies such as constitutional republic, constitutional monarchy, presidential system, and parliamentary system among others. Historically, modern liberal democracy can either be classified as contemporary liberal democracies, liberal democracy of the eighteenth and nineteenth century and liberal democracy in the twentieth and twenty-first century (Kankindi, 2017).

However, liberal democracy provides a platform where the political voice of the citizens is expressed through demonstrative institutions and procedures. The elected assemblies voice and endorse people’s will. Additionally, it is their role to protect the rights and liberties of persons as well as those of the minority groups from the extreme use of state power. Constitutional democracies such as the United States, France, and Estonia exemplify liberal democracy in their constitution.

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