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The role of Church in American Political Life (Essay Sample)


Based on your understanding and definition of religious freedom, evaluate the role of the church in political life. Be sure to use an anthropological perspective. The essays should contain at least five paragraphs and completely address the question. Use this as thesis statement: Anthropologists need to evaluate the cultural context and definition of religious freedom when examining the role of the church in American political life Source - http://www(dot)pbs(dot)org/godinamerica/view/ Source - http://www(dot)state(dot)gov/r/pa/prs/ps/2012/07/195765.htm Source - http://www(dot)pbs(dot)org/wnet/religionandethics/?p=10304 Source - http://www(dot)pbs(dot)org/wnet/religionandethics/?p=6978 Source - http://www(dot)pewforum(dot)org/2013/01/16/religious-groups-official-positions-on-abortion/ Source - http://www(dot)pewforum(dot)org/topics/church-state-law/ Source - http://www(dot)pewforum(dot)org/2009/11/04/religious-groups-official-positions-on-capital-punishment/ Source - http://www(dot)pewforum(dot)org/topics/education/ Source - http://www(dot)pewforum(dot)org/2012/12/07/religious-groups-official-positions-on-same-sex-marriage/ Source - http://features(dot)pewforum(dot)org/politics/2010/


The role of Church in American Political Life
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This thesis calls for the need of anthropologists to evaluate cultural context and definition of Religious freedom when examining the role of the church in American political life. This is because; the role of the church in American political life influences almost all aspects of the social being of each American, regardless of personal belief (Wallis, 2013). For most Americans, this is a violation of their freedom of worship. Although political culture influences the American church and the society as well, most studies indicate that the role of church shapes up American policies, laws and economy (Haidt, 2013). The church forms a political culture that is derived from specific historical experience of the nation or religious groups in the value of acquisition of power through institutionalized means and competitive struggle for the people’s vote. The church and the state need to base its relationship on the fundamental of worship and an official relationship between the church and running of the state (Lambert, 2010).
Evidence indicates that there is fundamental relationship between the church and the political culture of America, because values and orientations of politics in the country are shaped by the values found in the church. At the same time, the politics of the day influences the church, being a religion with highest number of followers in the United States. This was evident during the 2008 presidential elections where it came out clear on how the church influenced the presidential voting (Fowler, Hertzke, & Olson, 2010). The handling of immigrants, call for social freedom has also galvanized religious freedom all over the country (PBS, 2014).
Due to different social views United States, people form groups that are divided within the church views. For example, the motion on abortion and same sex marriage is condemned...
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