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Abortion Essay (Essay Sample)

Write a persuasive speech supporting your opinion about an issue or subject that matters to you, that you feel passionately about. Include these elements: A clear description of the issue and a clear precise statement of your opinion- your position, or claim, about the issue or the subject Reliable and varied evidence that supports your opinion, or claim Arguments that acknowledge and refute opposing claims Vivid persuasive language that appeals to your audience A logical organization that shows the relationship among claims, counterclaims, and evidence Error-free grammar source..

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For many years, the discussion on abortion has attracted colossal debates due to the controversial and difficult ethical issues surrounding the topic. According to the World Health organization, about 49% of pregnancies in the United States are unintended, of which 50% are aborted (Lauren, Laufer & Goodwin, 2009). In 2005, an estimated 1.25 million pregnancies were aborted within the USA (Lauren, Laufer & Goodwin, 2009). Despite this, Religious Institutions have strongly opposed the practice of abortion throughout the world. The principle issue on the debate for pro-life and pro-choice is centered on whether a fetus is human or not. In my opinion, I believe that life and humanity begin at conception, and thus, abortion is immoral.
Abortion is defined as delivery of all or any parts of conception before the completion of 20 weeks gestation or prior to viability (Lauren, Laufer & Goodwin, 2009). Abortion can be spontaneous, referred to as miscarriage, or induced. I will consider induced abortions which refer to t...
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