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Society And Individualism: The Power Of Symbol And Language (Essay Sample)


1. choose a concept from any chapter in Peter Callero's book that we have read so far (Chapter 1 to 4). Tell us what the concept is and define it so we know what you mean.
2. Give an example of how that concept is relevant to something that is happening in the world right now: you can refer to music, politics, news, art, celebrities, or anything else that is current.
3) Response to two of the posts


Society and Individualism
Society and Individualism
I chose the power of symbol and language as a concept from Peter Callero’s book in chapter 2. Symbols are powerful elements that define our social world. According to Callero (2013), “a symbol is a sign that has been intentionally created and has meaning that is shared by a community of symbol users” (41). Symbols are powerful in the sense that they allow human beings to process and remember certain information, and also to understand the meaning of things around us. When Callero says that symbols are intentionally created, it makes sense because different groups of people have come up with different symbols that ease communication between them. However, the same symbol might have different meanings when used by different groups of people. The use of symbols is still important today as certain symbols are used to simplify information. For example, teachers are known to use symbols in classroom to enhance their students’ understanding of concepts and to expand their

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