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Aristotle's Philosophy on Human Nature (Essay Sample)

I need the paper written of Aristotle. Please read the instructions below. BOOK: Traversing Philosophical Boundaries 3rd edition. The article you choose to write on should develop a philosophical view fully enough for you to get a topic out of it. Once you have chosen your article, compose an essay with the following structure: 1) Summarize the philosophical view in your article 2) Raise an objection to that view 3) Reply to the objection You may choose a view that you do or do not agree with - the difference in the structure of the paper will simply be whether you offer your own objection and try to imagine how that philosopher would reply or whether you anticipate an objection that someone else might offer and provide a reply that supports the view you agree with. You may rely on objections and replies that we have discussed in class... Do not say things like \'I cannot imagine an objection to this view,\' or \'I cannot imagine how one might reply to this objection.\' If you are having trouble with the assignment at that level, come to my office hours so we can discuss it. You might begin each section of your paper using language such as this: 1) According to Descartes, a person is composed of material as well as immaterial substance. (explain Descartes\' view fully) 2) An objection that might be raised to Descartes\' substance dualism is that some overarching set of laws must exist in order for the immaterial to interact with the material substance. (explain the objection fully) 3) While Descartes might reply to this objection by claiming that god\'s law guides the interaction between the two, this reply is unsuccessful because it requires him to give up his claim that material and immaterial substances necessarily occupy different realms. (explain the reply fully) The three points I have provided above are the required elements of the writing assignment. However, you are welcome to go further in your paper if you like. For instance, you may want to put the debate into historical context, consider more than one objection to a view, reply to a reply, or discuss what important implications a view has for society. This is not a research paper. I prefer that you use no outside sources at all to prepare for this assignment. If you do, you must provide a complete bibliography and cite sources as they are used in your paper. If you use sources and do not cite them, you will receive a 0 for plagiarism. The goal of this paper is to demonstrate that you can explain a philosophical view found in your text and consider an objection to that view. source..

Aristotle’s Philosophy on Human Nature
There has been a long standing question in philosophy whether man has an invariant nature. Further questions arise to the individuals who believe that man does possess an invariant nature. Such questions as what are the determinants of human nature, how much malleable is human nature, and would it differ amongst individuals and populations among others.
Aristotle, being a moral philosopher had a go at the issue of human nature from the moral perspective. Early in his works, Aristotle tries to combine his views and points in relation to human nature. In this paper is the examination of his view on human nature from a moral perspective. Further, there is the objection to view by the philosopher and the imaginable reply to the objection.
From Aristotle’s view, man is naturally blind to morality. This is to suggest that man has no knowledge of immorality and morality. Man is by nature amoral. This is to say that man is neither moral nor immoral at birth. Earlier on Aristotle argues that at birth man is without knowledge, therefore, morality cannot be part of him at birth because man is yet to acquire the knowledge. This argument is for the idea that morality is a posterior rather than priori. He further argues that there would be no one evil because wickedness i...
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