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Midterm Civil War (Essay Sample)


READ THE INSTRUCTIONS AND GRADING RUBRIC DOCUMENT VERY CAREFULLY AS IT CONTAINS INFORMATION THAT ARE IMPORTANT TO THIS ASSIGNMENT. You will complete a Midterm Exam by composing research-based essay responses to posted prompts. The exam is open-book/open-note/open-research and focuses on the assigned readings, the Discussion Board Forum topics, the presentations, and other research related to the course content. Compose and submit your responses in a Word document. There is no time limit for this exam.
You will write essay answers in response to 2 questions. The word limit does not include the required title page or citations. The assignment must be in current Turabian format. Be sure to separate the 2 questions with proper headings. These 2 questions also should include an Introduction (with clear thesis), Body, and Conclusion. Your answers SHOULD be thorough and concise. Each essay should include references to the book by Oren and at least 1 biblical scripture for each essay. 
DO NOT plagiarize as I will check. This is a graduate-level writing assignment, so make sure that it is.
Essay Questions:
1. Briefly explain the role that faith played in U.S. foreign policy toward the Middle East prior to the Civil War. (600 words)
2. Identify and explain the primary U.S. interests in the Middle East prior to 1900. (300 words) 
I will upload the book by Oren, Introduction to Chapter 16 (which will be in 4 parts). You MUST read the chapters in order to answer these 2 questions. You will also have to conduct your own research as well that are reputable and scholarly peer-reviewed sources. Be sure to reference and cite properly by including correct page numbers. 
It is CRUCIAL to write persuasively, and think critically and analytically. It is also CRUCIAL to think outside the box and go beyond the book. 


641: Midterm
1. Briefly explain the role that faith played in U.S. foreign policy toward the Middle East prior to the Civil War
Missionaries played a crucial role in determining the US foreign policy in the Middle East prior to the civil war. In their foreign mission, missionaries exerted a far-reaching influence on the relation between the Middle East and America. With the growing alliance between the church leaders and decision makers, missionary movement became popular, transforming American relation with the Middle East. Through faith, Muslims trusted missionaries permitting them to settle in the Muslim dominated area of Smyrna, spreading America power through their deeds (Oren, 2007, 127).
Faith became the driving force America used to pioneer introducing American culture in the Middle East; education was introduced turning the Middle East into a reading nation. Through religious beliefs, as part of the missionary tradition, they empathized with the Middle East population by offering medical care reaching out to more than 10,000 people (Oren, 2007, 136). As a result, the US enjoyed friendly relations and support from the Middle East Nations; Missionaries influenced and determined the countries policies overseas .Through the missionary work, there were several attempts to restore liberty and respect to the Jews and aiding Syria and Palestine to remain independent.
Faith influenced the missionary actions as they believed it was their duty to establish moral dignity and save men from suffering. These principles accorded well with the missionary sense of purpose as it reenergized them. As a result, missionary station in Urmia was established by the support of the American government.
Faith was also used to redress inequality in the Middle East; missionaries like Parson used biblical quotes to encourage Christians to strive to restore sovereignty in their ancestral and biblical homes of the Jews. Parson further encouraged peaceful persuasion of the converted Christians to journey back to the Middle East to perform their Christian duties. These included performing consecrated deeds on the walls of Jerusalem, to entice the Jews to return back to their ancestral land in the Middle East (Oren, 2007, 82).
Faith replaced ignorance and degradation. The manifest destiny championed by Parson inf...
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