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Tonsils Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


First I need a 5 to 10 min presentation to talk about tonsils and how do they relate to the lymphatic system. The research paper needs to have and introduction with a brief definition of the topic which is tonsils n lymphatic system. On the body talk about why is the topic important or interesting. And cite pictures sites and facts. In the conclusion wrap up points from the presentation too

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Tonsils consist of lymphoid tissues that help to prevent infection from entering the body especially through the mouth by producing white blood cells (Mayo Clinic, 2010). They are two lymph nodes on the back of the throat located on each side. Tonsils develop a defense mechanism against foreign pathogens that can either be ingested or inhaled, and they have antigen capture cells on their surface. These cells are referred to as M cells and their function is to alert B cells and T cells of the presence of pathogens. This stimulates the immune response to fight the infection which can cause the tonsils to swell and turn red. The infection on tonsil tissues the condition is referred to as tonsillitis. Tonsillitis is a disorder that occurs at any age but children are more vulnerable to viruses and bacteria that cause this condition that can be recurrent or multiple during the winter season (PubMed Health, 2011). Tonsillitis is a highly contagious infection that is caused by bacteria and viruses that can enter the body through the mouth or nose through inhalation of infectious substances. Such bacterial infections include strep throat and virus-like common cold that can enter the body through the mouth or nose thus causing tonsillitis. If this condition is left untreated, it can lead to serious complications especially in cases where tonsillitis is caused by strep throat. Strep infection is the main cause in children where some children can have recurrent strep tonsillitis that gets better with age. Tonsils in older patients may indicate tumors or virally infected tonsils (Kato, 2013).
Symptoms of tonsillitis include difficulty in swallowing, sore throat, headaches, fever, ear aches, bad breath, white ...
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