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HLS 6050 Final Paper: Implications of Homeland Security on International Organizations (Essay Sample)


HLS 6050 Research Paper (30 points)

The purpose of this 10-15 page paper (not including title page and references – no abstract is required) is to explore how you can apply what you have learned about Homeland Security and its approaches to include, rule of law, historical references, and strategies in order to develop an ability to work on a specific problem of practice. You may wish to consider the problem of practice you explored from Discussion Board posts.


Examples of topics can include: Strategies of homeland security, specific organizations within HLS, Goals of HLS, Organizational implications of leadership on HLS, Strategy law and policy, threats real or perceived, Domestic vs. International, or any approved relevant topic.


 Your analysis should include the following components:

  •  Introduction (brief introductory remarks, purpose of paper, organization of paper – 1page).
  •  Body of Paper: 11-12 pages
  • Part 1: A clear definition and context for your problem of practice.
  • Part 2: An organized discussion of the research literature that supports your

chosen approach to the identified problem of practice (include at least 5 recent

             studies published in professional journals.

  •  The studies selected should provide support and/or illumination for the research topic you present.
  • Part 3: Delineation, with careful explanation and justification from
  • studies, of the research topic that can generate possibilities for innovation and action.
  • • Conclusion: (brief wrap-up of key ideas and concepts – 1 page).

Please Note:

• APA 6th ed. Guidelines and formatting must be used.

• Make sure you are correctly identifying all sources.


Make sure you put quotation marks around any direct quotation and CITE it. Failure to do so will result in a zero for the paper. I would prefer you paraphrase and not use quotes.


  • The body of the paper should include 1-inch margins (check this as it is not always the WORD default), double-spaced and not to exceed 15 pages (minus title page and reference pages).
  • Use the Template from under the resource tab.

Implications of Homeland Security on International Organizations
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Implications of Homeland Security on International Organizations
The Department of Homeland Security is given the responsibility of ensuring that the United States of America is safe from terrorism attacks. To ensure that it achieves its objectives, DHS uses a strategy that outlines three most important areas that it should focus on, they include; "security, resilience and customs and exchange." These areas are further categorized into five areas: Terrorism prevention and security enhancement; securing borders; safeguarding the immigration laws; protecting cyberspace and resilience in disasters.
The world has become more globalized, and these have changed the nature in which people, goods, and information used to move around the world during the old national borders. Since most of the threats affecting the United States are from outside the U.S, DHS plays a unique role in addressing the security issues, challenges, and opportunities that are being created by the new dynamic environment. Considering the nature of these new threats, DHS is critical to the United States of America's security and it must be aligned with critical strategies that will enable it address these issues.
DHS has to understand the evolving world for it to be able to identify the threats and know the implications of national events on the security of the U.S. According to the Quadrennial Homeland Security Review:
"The interconnected nature of people, economies, and international infrastructure around the world can infuse seemingly isolated or remote events with global consequences. Events at home and abroad generate rapid effects, often in an interconnected fashion, driven by breathtaking technological change and speed-of-light international communications. This accelerated flow of ideas, goods, and people around the world, while vital to supporting and advancing America's interests, also creates security challenges that are increasingly borderless and unconventional." (QHSR, 2010)
Considering the responsibility of DHS and the evolving global environment, this paper is aimed at establishing the implications the department might have to international events. Since the nature of international events differs, the paper will focus on those events that have political and social upheaval. The paper will first provide a background to the Department of Homeland Security. Second, it presents analysis of international engagement and its impact on DHS. Third, it provides the major implications international events has on DHS. Finally, the paper will be concluded by recommendations for future research.
For the context of this paper, this section presents an overview of DHS's engagement in international events.
Most of the USA's Homeland security threats originate from outside its borders. The modern terrorist masterminds operate in cities and ungoverned areas that go beyond national boundaries. These terrorism groups employ various channels to spread their agendas. They mostly use social media to recruit, organize, and plan their operations.
Currently, DHS is operating in more than 75 countries across the globe. To be able to address the threats facing the United States, DHS has developed a strategy of international engagement. The strategy involves working closely with international partners and international organizations in sharing information and strengthening international partnerships and other agreements. These engagements are aimed at combating terrorism, decreasing transnational crime and illegal movement of people and goods across the borders, facilitating lawful trade, strengthening cyber security, providing emergency and response and humanitarian assistance.
To ensure that this engagement strate...
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