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Why Guns Should Be Allowed On College Campuses


The topic is Guns should be allowed on college campuses. It is an argument. The essay for ESP language class. I will give you the format. In the first paragraph, the first sentence should be Hook, then how people talking about situation about the gun now. Then use the sentence pattern " Even though people saying gun should XXXX, I think it should be XXX because...(three reasons)

Then the second, third and fourth paragraph should explain three reasons.

The last paragraph should is the conclusion.

So totally five paragraphs. I will give you a essay that I wrote. Just follow the format and sentence pattern.


Guns should be allowed on College Campuses

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Guns should be allowed on College Campuses

Guns are for self-defense. Armed teachers or student in the colleges have a significant opportunity of not only defending themselves from insults, but to also bring a stop to assailants before an occurrence of murder or injury to other people around them. Many people have been arguing about whether firearms should be legalized in learning institutions. Doing so will worsen situations in these institutions. However, in the recent past, have passed laws allowing students, visitors and school authorities to carry weapons in the colleges (Pinals, 2015). Those people who advocate for gun ownership always defend their stand by arguing that the laws a

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