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Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM): Class 502 (Essay Sample)


there are two questions which I need answered in details please. question 1-1 is when assessing a client, how does a counselor determine the severity of a substance use disorder? Discuss the criteria for this assessment. question 1-2 is Explain the importance of having an integrated approach to client treatment when a client has a co-occurring disorder. I need details please to both questions. You have chapter 1 and 7 from the book which must be used as a reference and there are maybe 3 other articales please read all the materials. the pages of the materials are skipping to make it look like it is finish but it is not there is allot of materials.


Substance Use Disorder
The use of Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) is helpful in the diagnosis and assessment of patients with substance disorder issues. The counselors ought to be cautious, careful, methodical and slow in the diagnosis process in order to determine the severity of a substance disorder CITATION Jac13 \l 1033 (Klott, 2013). The counselor needs to discover the person and the reasons driving the person to seek therapy. Thus, perform screening tests such as mental exams, mood disorders or emotional disorders (Kennson et al.,2013). The severity of a disorder varies largely due to varying causative factors. 

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