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Biopsychosocial Assessment: My Sister's Keeper (2009) (Essay Sample)


This is like a 6 part paper 2 of this I will have to scan and send to you on Sunday. You reall have to red the instructions first I was to watch a movie and talk about it. I picked My sister's keeper 2009 pg-13. You have to watch the movie it is about a 11 year old girl suing her mother and father because she was born to supply her sister needs since she was dieing the 11 year old girl got tired of giving up bone marror, then the parents wanted the girl to give her sister one of her kidney. The 11 year old girl feels she was born to supply her sisters needs and she went and got a lawyer. The little girl is who I want the story to be about she is who I picked in the movie and it will be another part that I do not need until the 14th of aug if you finish it all in 10 days find. The second thing on this assisgnment is the state rules review worksheet for arizona and ohio make this maybe 4 references still in text citations when you can.The third thing is the counselor dispositions worksheetaccording to the counselor dispositional expectations. Culutal diversity is ok I try to understand them and respect then. My strongest part is genuineness because I have to gain the client trust by telling them what I been throught in my life prison three times and I am working on a degree but it is hard work, empathy I try to put myself in their shoes, acceptance, I leave the client where they are at and hope they hear something that bring them around. I have send you the pages that is needed from the DSM-5 that is in the instructions. I have send you other articles in which you may need. Look at order number 00054020 there is chapter 4 that you will need you did my 4-1 and 4-2 that may help you as well. I will also send you again all four instructions so they will be together and the other 2 assisignments that goes with this order in the morning.


Date of submission
Biopsychosocial Assessment: My Sister's Keeper (2009) (PG 13)
Regarding the film My Sister's Keeper, Ann, a 13-year-old child sues for the medical divorcement from her parents upon realizing that she was conceived to use her blood and organ to save her sister Kate who is dying from leukaemia. Ann claims through her lawyer for the ‘right to life' and demands her parents to give her freedom of making decisions on choices of what to do with her body. However, the film ends when the characters reveal the real reason behind the lawsuit since Kate decided to take end her life due to the suffering that they have been through (Johnson, Chuck, Scott &Cassavetes, 2009).
Assessment of Movie
Anna as a character in the film "My Sister's Keeper" is born to serve Kate, her sister who has leukemia. The overwhelming burden of caring for Kate as well as being denied the right and freedom of choice for her life makes her depressed. A report that is issued by her lawyer reveals that Anna has a behavior change with a frequent engagement on self-destruction (Johnson, Chuck, Scott & Cassavetes, 2009). The depression condition arose due to the constant disagreements that she has with her parents concerning kidney transplant as well as blood tissue she donates to Kate. Also, Kate empathizes with her sister and feels sad for her. However, she is not ready to go through the painful condition of surgery (Johnson, Chuck, Scott & Cassavetes, 2009).
Regarding the life situation, Anna is healthy regarding her judgment and perceptual patterns. However, she began having an emotional problem immediately she realized that she was conceived to help her sister through the donation of blood tissue and kidney organ. Therefore, she is depressed since her parents have been unable to reveal to her such crucial information (Johnson, Chuck, Scott & Cassavetes, 2009).
The film shows that Anna is well. However, she is the only person who can help Kate with blood tissue and organ. Kate is strong, healthy and engages in different activities and enjoys every moment with her sister (Johnson, Chuck, Scott & Cassavetes, 2009). She is loving, social, well mannered and cares for her sister. Anna is bold and ready to accept any situation so long as her sister Kate gets better than her current condition. However, her relationship with the family has not been such positive especially when she realized that her parents had denied her the truth about her birth history. Therefore, she files a lawsuit to get her freedom of choice to life (Johnson, Chuck, Scott & Cassavetes, 2009).
Answers to Biopsychosocial Assessment Template
Identifying Information; A report by her lawyer reveals that Anna has a behaviour change and frequently engages in self-destructive behaviours (Johnson, Chuck, Scott &Cassavetes, 2009).
Presenting the problem; The depression comes as a result of the condition of her sister who is dying of leukaemia coupled with the high burden of experiencing a life without her elder sister if she disagrees for the kidney transplant. She is guilty because of her reluctance to go for the kidney transplant and is not in a position to make own decisions regarding the medication. On a separate note, Anna gets a lot of pressure from her parents to donate the kidney to her sister Kate. She is willing to assist her sister. However, she is not ready to go through the surgery process as well as not ready to have health complications later on (Johnson, Chuck, Scott &Cassavetes, 2009).
Life Stressors; The cognitive assessment and perceptual patterns reveal that Anna has no sensory problem since she can read and listen to music. In most of the film, Ann...

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