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How Does Protestant Reformation Affect Religious Violence? (Essay Sample)

This paper should focus on Jan Hus and The Massacre of St. Bartholomew's Day as how religious violence has affect on these two historical events. source..
Protestant Reformation
How Does Protestant Reformation Affect Religious Violence? An Analysis on Jan Hus and the Massacre of St. Bartholomew's Day
Jan Hus was a religious reformer in the 15th century and worked hand in hand with John Wycliffe and he was a key player in the reformation of the 16th century. After his university studies, of which he was never awarded the doctorate degree, he was ordained in 1402 and later appointed to be the rector and also the preacher of Bethlehem Chapel in Prague. This chapel was the very place where Czech national movement conjoined with the religious reform cause (Levene, Roberts, 1999).
Jan Hus was excommunicated from the chapel in September 1412, following the city’s placement under interdict and the closure of Bethlehem Chapel. The interdict was by this time used against those considered to be heretics and/or those that had built enmity with the hierarchy of the church. After being lured into being a resident of papal, Hun was then and there under imprisonment in a Dominican cell, where was not only interrogated but also put in suffering (Gross, 2004). In the public hearing of his case, he was not even given a chance to respond to the charges that had been made against him.
He was late declared an arch-heretic after refusing to the very last time opportunity to recant. Immediately, his degradation from being a priest took place in a ceremonious manner and his soul was handed over to Lucifer. Moreover, he was given to the irreligious authorities so that he could be executed (Michalski, 1993). Factually, in the same day, he was burned alive in front of the city wall in a meadow. After he was completely burned, his ashes were thrown into the Rhine River. Following the outcomes of all this, religious violence is reflected as Hun calls for reformation- in the Catholic Church- in his detest for the rigidity of the church and in involvement in other wicked activities (Levene, Roberts, 1999).
This execution led to the Bohemian nationals violently making an expression of their nationalism, the so-called the Hussite wars. These wars were the originator of the religious civil wars during the time of Luther in Germany, they joined Hus to Luther. In their perspectives, their movement (the Hussite Movement) was not at its least, neither predominantly nor exclusively religious in nature. Although the Papal authorities issued briefings to Luther ordering him to submit and pull back to the authority of the church, Luther grew more and more uncompromising (Gross, 2004). Besides, he made appeals for reform, in attack of the sacramental system, and was for the opinion that religion rest on the faith of an individual founded on the biblical guidance.
This made the then Pope to threaten him with his being excommunicated but Luther burned the papal excommunication decree (christened the bull) and other accompanying...
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