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Religion in America (Essay Sample)

Essay 2: Pro and Con-vergence In the introduction to section 5 of Convergences, entitled ¡§Dividing Lines,¡¨ Atwan discusses the adversarial model of American cultural conversations. The sides are identified with labels like conservative/liberal, Republican/Democrat, white/black, and religious/secular. These labels may serve to simplify complicated issues and prevent us from reaching a compromise, but these types of arguments and debates are used to determine how power is distributed and problems solved in our communities. While we may not have the individual power needed to solve a community dilemma, we do have the power to write and argue and convince others of our views in an attempt to solve these problems. In this assignment you will argue in connection with one of the issues from Convergences. You may argue against or in conjunction with the authors. Identify an issue about which you want to argue, use two texts from the book and one outside source of any type (book, article, website, etc), and argue for a particular view and/or resolution of the issue. Task: Write a 1000 word argument using two texts from Convergences and one outside source of your choice. You must choose an issue different than the one you chose for Essay 1. Identify a debatable issue from the text, decide on your own position on the issue, and use the texts to help develop your discussion. The texts may be used to discuss your view or the opposition¡¦s view. Be sure to use the Essay Format Requirements to format your draft. source..
Change is not illusive through the Ad, a type of modern day Revolution
Change is not illusive through the Ad, a type of modern day Revolution
How to Make Ad- Ad busters
In Chapter 6 of Convergence, Robert Atwan talks of a global network that comprises of artists, activists, pranksters, students, educators as well as entrepreneurs. The main purpose of the various groups illustrated is to change the way things are perceived in the 21st Century. I seem to concur with the arguments of Robert Atwan (Atwan, 2002). Their aim of undertaking the commercial forces is to eliminate cultural erosion which is depicted by a society being deprived of fundamental rights like proper information.
I think the world today is being awakened to a new dimension of sending messages across. For instance, thousands of Spanish citizens have taken to the streets to demand for a social change. Activists use this opportunity to bring about democratic change in a country. For instance, the perfect example of democratic change has been witnessed recently in Egypt where activists took charge of a public square. The presence of the given activists, as illustrated in Convergence rhetoric, was a powerful symbol that was geared towards bringing down a dictatorial leader (Atwan, 2002). On the other hand, activists showdown such as the one seen in Egypt have been employed previously like the Filipino People Power Revolution in 1986.
The activists in the Egypt scenario illustrate how the concept can achieve its desired aim when people come together with an intended aim. Ad buster s therefore serves to demonstrate that another world is possible and the activities illustrated by activists in transforming the society can be achieved if the people are well organized for change. This shows that real and direct democracy is possible in a given society. Robert Atwan believes that cultural erosion can be eliminated through the use of commercial forces and I totally agree with the assertion. The activists believe in educating the public on corporate disinformation as well as the several injustices realized in the growing economy. It is important for me to assert that the public is brought to the realization on how they can be able to elect new leadership through different campaigns against civil injustices.
In the event of bringing a society that is accountable, Citizens in the United States of America were inspired by activists who were targeting the Bank of America and why they don’t pay taxes. The activists claimed that if they were being loyal towards uplifting the economy, the Bank of America should also follow suit and pay taxes without exemption. Through the protests, the activists wanted the bank to be accountable for all the actions they were undertaking. The main aim of the activists in participating in the protests is to fashion a society in which banks become honest through prot...
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