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Where should we start to achieve gender equality? Psychology Essay (Essay Sample)


Identify 2 issues related to gender (in)equality which you think are most important to tackle when starting to address gender equality in our society and argue why these are the important ones to address.
Examples include:
Dealing with gender stereotypes in childhood
Addressing the gender pay gap
Other workplace/work-family balance inequalitites
Changing how men and women are represented in the media
Reconsidering the gender binary
Addressing issues related to mental health and gender
At least 5 references need to be included.


Where should we start to Achieve Gender Equality?
Where Should We Start To Achieve Gender Equality?
Although some populations argue that gender inequality is declining in society, the issue is still prevalent due to constraints like religious and cultural practices. Some people are held by their beliefs to undermine females. "The recent World Inequality Report (WIR2018; Avaredo et al., 2018) is a major systemic assessment of globalization outlining income and wealth inequality, and documents a steep rise in global economic inequality since the 1980s, and this is despite strong growth in many emerging economies (Robinson, 2017).” This evidence reveals how women suffer even in the developed economies due to the existing gender stereotypes in global populations. Most people in the demographics think that men are powerful than women leading to the undermining of women. The fact about differences in the capability of women is wrong, and the perception should be erased from the minds of people, to create a path towards the achievement of gender equality in the community. The progress in the issue will give women the chance to enjoy opportunities like education, job after schooling, and a capacity to fight for their rights in case of violation (Robinson, 2017). Hence, achieving gender equality should emerge from dealing with issues such as gender stereotypes in childhood and workplace/ work-family balance inequalities.

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