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Explanation Of The Different Forms Of Abuse (Essay Sample)


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Issues of abuse in families, schools, work, and any other social setting are quite common. People have suffered while in the company of those they are asked or are expected to trust. Such situations and scenarios leave people with permanent scars or wounds which can only be tamed or treated but can never be fully healed. The world today is filled with people who are living with scars that form a greater part of their lives. There are people who have been abused from a young age and have grown up to live lives that do not mimic their potential. These people are a shadow of themselves mainly because of what they went through while growing up. However, being a victim of abuse does not mean one cannot have a normal life. Living a normal life is a choice, and anyone can make the choice of living a life that is free from their troubled past. One may have had it worse than another, but that is not to say that all is vanity. This paper seeks to provide an explanation of the different forms of abuse, analyze theories that relate to abuse, and finally, assess factors that may lead to abuse.
Explain different forms of abuse
First of all, it is crucial that there be a clear definition of abuse. In their 2017 article, the Reach Team defines the term abuse as “a pattern of behavior used by one person to gain and maintain power and control over another.” Several things stand out in the definition provided. The first one is the word pattern which is used in the definition to show that abuse is not a single or isolated incident. For an act to be classified as abuse, it has to be repeated several times. The second thing is that abuse can take different forms. People can use different ways to “gain and maintain power and control over another” person. These ways constitute different forms of abuse.
The first and most obvious form of abuse is physical abuse. This mainly involves slapping, hitting, punching, kicking, hair-pulling, and anything that physically inflicts pain on another person. Another common and often ignored form of abuse is emotional or psychological abuse. This involves things like shaming, humiliation, yelling, issuing threats, among other tactics. In her 2017 article, Lancer notes that emotional abuse can be quite difficult to decipher because it “can be subtle, and because abusers often blame their victims.” Emotional abuse damages the victim’s self-esteem, and in the end, a person ends up doubting themselves and feeling guilty for things they have not done. Sexual abuse is also another form of abuse. It is crucial to note that it can also fit under physical abuse, but it stands alone because it also involves other acts of which may not necessarily be physical. Sex as the Reach Team (2017) explains is often “loaded with emotional and cultural implications.” So, it is easy for it to be “uniquely used for power and control.” It is thus crucial to have an understanding of this particular form of abuse so a

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