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Case study: Case Description/Observation Psychology Essay (Essay Sample)


Write a formal paper, in three sections, in which you compare and contrast the viewpoints of two theories of couple/family therapy covered in this course, applying each to conceptualization and treatment planning for the case provided.
The paper, not including a title page, references, etc., should be 15-18 typed, double-spaced pages.
Please do not exceed 18 pages of text, as there is only one of me, and there are many of you!
In the first section of your paper, describe the couple or family in question, and the presenting problem.
What do you think brought this family/couple in for therapy?
As you assess the family during the intake session that you imagine, what further information emerges?
***In the second section, discuss two different theories of couple/family therapy from this course, and how you would apply each to the case. What is your conceptualization and treatment plan?
Conceptualization refers to how a therapist working within that theory would define the problem in the family – using that theory’s concepts, what would the therapist say is “the problem,” or the reason things aren't working well currently?
Treatment planning refers to what a therapist working within that theory would therefore believe should be done.
Thus, conceptualization and treatment planning are logically related. Within each theory, also discuss how you will manage the limited number of sessions available to this family.
In the third section, address the following questions:
How are the two theories similar and how do they differ, in principle and/or in practice?
Do the two theories differ in terms of their approach to any gender or cultural factors that may be affecting this couple/family?
Which of the two theories resonated the most with your own way of conceptualizing this case, and why?
This paper should be prepared in APA format and supplemented by references from peer-reviewed journals that discuss each model.
Any sources used to support your paper should, of course, be cited using correct APA format. And although it can be a useful starting place to gather very general information, in order to later verify it with more substantial sources, no Wikipedia references will be accepted as primary scholarly resources. Here's just one reason why:
A minimum of 4 relevant research articles should be included from outside the textbook. It's especially useful to be able to back up your claims about the efficacy of one model or another with published research findings.
In addition to APA format, writing quality (including grammar and spelling) will count toward the final grade. Therefore, proofreading is strongly encouraged.
I placed an asterisk (*) beside the section which starts what I require.
The first section of the paper (intro etc) is not necessary.
Also- 0-5 direct quotes and Canadian English
please let me know if you have questions regarding the "mock clients case."


Family Therapy
Student’s Name:
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Case Description/Observation
The family in question belongs to Lisa, a 39-year-old white heterosexual married woman, and Li, a 42-year-old man of Canadian and Chinese origin together with their children, Jimmy, the son of 14 years old and Emma, who is eight years old. Lisa called inquiring for a sit-down at the family counselling center because she wanted to discuss her mental health as she had been feeling depressed over her son. The son had been getting himself in unnecessary trouble in school. He had started missing his homework assignments, which led to him failing his classes. He had also been suspended the previous week for punching another student. When asked about her daughter, Lisa said that all her life, Emma had been quiet and did not portray any behavioural issues at the moment of the discussion. However, when she came in for an interview, Emma did not seem normally happy compared to other kids her age.
The mother also adds that the girl is arguably inactive, and her speech is not spontaneous and cheerful, as it would have been expected. From the first interview, it was evident that there were serious marital issues in the family. In the second interview, an individual session, Lisa claims that her husband, a software programmer, feels somewhat entitled and has been spending at least 5 hours playing online poker games. Although Li's perception is that he has the right to do whatever pleases him during his free time, his wife feels that the phenomenon is a dangerous addiction and a betrayal to the family, both emotionally and financially. The tension between the two of them has had a negative impact on their son's behaviour as the husband does not take time to connect with his son and the whole family, in general. On the other hand, Li feels that the entire situation is due to Lisa's high levels of stress and her uncontrollable anger.

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