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MA Synthesis Biodiversity (Essay Sample)

Pick the most relevant MA synthesis (Biodiversity, Desertification, Wetlands/Water, Business/Industry, or Health/Well-being and incorporate MA framework concepts towards your development of a comprehensive solution strategy. What needs to be done, by who, when, how - to address the sustainability of ecosystem services and support human well-being? discussing how you are integrating the most relevant MA material into your upgraded Conclusions and Recommendations. I am looking for well-thought-out and detailed responses within the context of the MA - as it relates to your topic (pick the best MA synthesis and incorporate what you think are the most useful approaches to addressing your topic's challenges). Do not be afraid to get creative (but be logical and realistic). You should have some great insights by now. Let's hear them. source..
MA Synthesis Biodiversity
The project of sustainability of coral reefs in Indonesia by discussing some of most significant and prominent research works and their results from the scholars on the issue followed by a general literature review to consider and evaluate some definitive recommendations and solutions to protect the coral reefs from further damage.
Biodiversity in cooperation the variability among living organisms from all sources including marine, terrestrial, acquatics systems and other ecological complexes of living things thus they are the life of the inter-correlation of the ecosystem integration thus biodiversity and human well being are linked thus through the recognition of the MA synthesis and assessment to meet human needs through sound methods is vital because changing human conditions, desires both affect directly or indirectly the ultimate services the ecosystem provides. Thus the dynamic complex of plants, animals, microorganisms and biological diversity are analyzed and to retain their function in proper suit, because they contribute to security, resiliency, social relation, health and freedom of action.
The scenario analyzed in MA of technology whereby it depict a globally connected world relying strongly on environmentally sound technology using highly managed often engineered ecosystem to deliver ecosystem services and taking a proactive approach to the management of ecosystem in an effort to avoid problem whereas the population growth rate is gradually increasing up to the greater range over 50 years. Thus the overall vision is to create a balance between environmental sustainability and the human exploitation of the ecosystem production to meet his/her needs with compromising the future generations and changes.
The assessment underlines the problem nutshell of significant human action extent changing the importance and diversity life whereby the indication was that the rates will continue in the near future if not mitigated properly because conversion of the ecosystem and exploitation remains a key point of , at the same time, the continued loss of the biodiversity changes in ecosystem services have caused people to experience declining well being with poverty in some social groups being exacerbated, thus it`s a concern needs to be addressed properly.
Strategies have to be put forward for the conservation measures to limit biodiversity loss and homogenization to rates lower than they would otherwise have been in the absence of such actions which needs portfolio action to conserve the biodiversity degradation by; ecological restoration measures which have to take course immediately which would require cognitive efforts across sections of government, business and community to own the recommendation strategy and work towards restoration of the destroyed and wasted land; secondly, through in cooperation of biodiversity consideration into management pr...
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