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Monetary Policy and Fiscal Policy Writing Assignment (Essay Sample)


This is a free topic but in limit field short essay, it is one lined page long which the lined page in attached docs. Pick up one topic analysis it with examples. See the example and grade rubric in docs, but it is only one page long. If you did well I got 5 more to do.


Macro Economics Essay
Monetary Policy and Fiscal Policy
The government and policy makers ought to make the countries conducive for business, support growth and development while tackling employment. Monetary and fiscal policies are adopted to achieve these objectives, but there are different schools of thoughts on what are the most appropriate policies to improve the people’s standards of living in the long-term. Monetary policy is the economic policies and tools to controls monetary factors to guarantee price stability and economic growth whereby the Federal Reserve takes actions to adjust the money market. The Fed is the monetary authority in the US just like central banks in other countries, which makes policies to control inflation, reduce unemployment, achieve economic growth and improve the balance of payments balance. Fiscal policy are the tools and instruments used to support growth, reduce unemployment and achieve price stability through taxation and public spending in order to obtain growth in production, reduce unemployment and achieve price stability
Expansionary monetary policy consists of increasing the amount of money in the country to stimulate investment and thereby reduce unemployment and achieve economic growth, and the policy usually causes inflation. The

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