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Bank of Canada and Relative Economic Policies. Mathematics (Essay Sample)


You need to write a brief essay with a specific thesis. 
The thesis is about the Bank of Canada, but you need to choose a specific position. The position is up to you, but need to relate to the course. You need an introduction, 3 paragraphs body (3 arguments) and a conclusion. Don’t try to be fancy, it’s an exam. Make your sentences clear, concise and straight to the point.
ECON*Money, Credit and the Financial System  


Bank of Canada and Relative Economic Policies
Institution Affiliation
Economic Policies Affecting Bank of Canada
The financial crisis of 2007-09 that led to the recession of many global countries including those in North America and Europe. A country such as Greece became bankrupt in the process signifying the intensity of the crisis (Ozturk & Sozdemir, 2015). Such economic activities highlight the essence of financial regulation and surveillance from the Canadian authorities. These rules and regulations promote a sound financial institution as well as a stable financial system. In this regard, the relevant authorities identify, evaluate, and mitigate risks. A system-wide approach demands the input and shared responsibility among various financial regulatory authorities and the Department of Finance. The Bank of Canada plays a very crucial role in the articulation of various economic policies particularly, in overseeing and governing money supply to produce effective and efficient economic outcomes.

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