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Impact Of Manitoba Hydro Dam Projects On Aboriginal Communities (Essay Sample)


Is a 5-6 pages work so i say between 1200-1500 words ish! And please in APA style.
I have attach 3 image of the instruction that my prof posted on his website, so please carefully!
This is Due on Feb 24 so i hope i can have in around 8 or 9pm on Feb 24 thanks!


The report will be prepared using 'word' processing software and will be at least 5 full pages; not exceeding 6 full pages (not including cover page and reference page). Assignments must be submitted in 12-point Times New Roman font (double-spaced). Use APA style (no abstract required)
You will submit document to the appropriate Dropbox on UM Learn: (Late papers will be subjected to 20% deduction for every day, or part thereof, late.

Topic: Analyze the impact that Manitoba Hydro is having on aboriginal communities; what is happening (not what should happen)
1. Your paper will start with information sourced from Hydro's website that discusses an aspect of this paper's topic. Specifically, find material from the company's website (annual report, recent news announcements posted on the site, etc.) that discusses either: (i) activities in regard to demonstrated environmental responsibility and meaningful consultation (or lack of) or (ii) Manitobans response to specific activities in regard to responsibilities with respect to Aboriginal communities. You will assess the quality of the data presented. Your paper will also discuss the short-term and long-term consequences of those activities in regard to Hydro's future.
2. Think about the following questions before you compose an essay;
a. Who are the stakeholders? That is, identify the different groups of people affected by choices in this instance. Your analysis how those various groups will be affected.
b. How does Manitoba Hydro's internal culture affect its decision-making process?
c. How does 'change of perspective' in regard to responsibilities (within Hydro as well as in regard to society's expectations) take place? Is it through leadership? Is it through evolution or revolution? Is it through increased regulation and government monitoring? Explain.

3. Develop a thesis statement.
a. Sketch out your argument so that you can support your thesis statement.
b. What criticisms of your argument can you anticipate? Imbed your defense within the essay.
4. Rewrite the paper for logical flow.
5. Proof and rewrite the paper for language and grammar.
6. Make sure that all ideas and facts are cited. APA (6th ed.) is the preferred reference style.
7. Make sure that all phrases, sentences, and paragraphs that use the words of others are set off with quotation marks or if paraphrasing include the citation as appropriate.
8. Make sure your pages are numbered and you have a reference page.


Impact Of Manitoba Hydro Dam Projects On Aboriginal Communities
Impact Of Manitoba Hydro Dam Projects On Aboriginal Communities
The Clean Environment Commission (CEC) has drowned interest in the projects by Manitoba Hydro to ensure that the organization avoids or limits access to the areas that are significant to the environment and the indigenous people living in the surroundings. The major focus by the CEC and other movements is not the Manitoba Hydro, but any project across the world that might be destructive to the environment and also a distraction to both indigenous and non-indigenous groups of people living in the area. For instance, the organization advised Crown Corporation to consider the wishes of the indigenous people in the construction of a proposed transmission line in Minnesota before approving their proposal (Martin, 2017).

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