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Leading Diverse Teams: Female Leaders and Gender Exploitation (Essay Sample)


Select a female leader that faced challenges based on gender and whose circumstances would be different if the leader had been male. What challenges did this female leader face in the business world? How did the female leader you selected overcome those challenges?


Female Leaders and Gender Exploitation
Institution of Affiliation
Female Leaders and Gender Exploitation
Throughout the 20th century to the present, countries have made legal and societal leaps concerning women’s rights which have made a significant step towards gender equality. Despite these triumphs, women still lag behind especially when it comes to leadership (Furstinger, 2013). The few ladies who have made it to be leaders face challenges based on gender. Perhaps if they were men circumstances would have been different (Furstinger, 2013). One of the female leaders who has gone through these problems is Hillary Clinton. She is an American politician who was a first lady for th...
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