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Final Reflection: How Conceptions of Gender have Changed Over a Semesters Time (Essay Sample)


Suppose you were to take a gender course. Reflect on how your conceptions of gender have or have not changed over a semesters time. Mine really haven't changed much.


Final Reflection
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Final Reflection
The course has been more difficult but also interesting and engaging than I had expected when I was signing up for it. Most of us expected the course to be straightforward with more lectures and fewer discussions, and the readings to be non-fictional and focus on the feminist theories. I did not expect to learn more from ourselves than lectures as well as using fictional readings to explore gender.
However, I have been thinking about the course itself for the last couple of days. I have also posted some posts on our class forum and I have seen few reactions that seemed to be confusing. The problem that I have discovered is that both my posts and the comments get confused at some points. I think this is because we are talking about a complicated concept: gender as an identity. Another problem, in my opinion, is the misconceptions that most of us were getting from the readings. But I can guess whe...
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