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Data Backup and Recovery Essay. Management Assignment. (Essay Sample)


ITEC 6250 Weekly Assignment BData Backup and RecoveryPlease begin this week's assignment by reading the following:https://www(dot)ready(dot)gov/business/implementation/IThttps://www(dot)fema(dot)gov/national-disaster-recovery-frameworkhttps://www(dot)fema(dot)gov/media-library/assets/documents/117794http://www(dot)disasterrecovery(dot)org/https://www(dot)umsystem(dot)edu/ums/fa/management/records/disaster-preparehttp://www(dot)uark(dot)edu/staff/drp/drpdr006.htmhttps://www(dot)ready(dot)gov/business/implementation/ITYour weekly assignment B submission should address the following:1.Work submitted for this assignment should adhere to APA 6th edition standards for academic writing.2.You will work in teams as assigned in the announcements section of D2L.3.The assignment is to create a plan for backing up mission critical data (detailing the day/time, locations, backup strategies, and equipment to be used). Explain when and how you will use full and partial backup strategies. 4.Please tie your answer to question 3 into the proposed BCP and BIA from Weekly Assignment A.5.Explain the use of hot and cold sites for resuming business functions.6.What employees are responsible for implementing and maintaining these backups?7.What team of employees will be needed to implement data recovery?8.Only one person from the team needs to submit the assignment, but please do not put someone’s name on the assignment that has not contributed to thedeliverable.9.The deliverable should be a 12-15 page PowerPoint (not counting references and title page). APA v6 writing guidelines and requirements for references andcitations do apply


Data Backup and Recovery
Due Date
Data Backup and Recovery
Explain when and how you will use full and partial backup strategies.
Every business generates data and data files that need to be stored. With data, companies need to be careful because as indicated by, “data can be lost, corrupted, compromised or stolen through hardware failure, human error, hacking and malware” (2018). With such issues surrounding data, it makes sense to want to ensure that a company never loses all the data it generates. This, therefore, introduces the idea of backups. After a disaster, companies usually want to get back to business as fast as they can, and data backups make business continuity quite simple. 

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